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April - monthly recap

In Ontario all the months seem like one because we are still in lockdown because of our Covid cases going up. Which is why I have not been doing so many monthly recaps even though it is one of my most popular posts, you guys love reading them. However, I have not had much to share other than being so mad, confused, upset with how the government has handled this entire pandemic.

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We are in and out of Lockdown. Business close, the open just to close back down again in a few days. It is primarily small business that get the brunt of it. The Government has showed a lot od favoritism to big boxed companies. All business are essential - they all provide income to families, put food on the table and help to provide stability for families.

The more and more people I talk to the more everyone can agree they should of shut down flights. A lot of people are traveling in and out. I live close to an airport and the amount of planes I see coming and going in unbelievable. Especially with different variants being found in certain countries it should be a no brainer to shut down the airports .

It seems that most everyday people would be more qualified and successful in running our country then the current people running it.

Also, the whole handling of this pandemic has put such a strain on everyone's mental health. It has been so hard to see first hand people struggling.

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Back to Business

My jewelry line !

That has been my primary focus. I try to put all my attention to that, lets be honest in a lockdown there is not much else to do.

gold rings

The feed back and all the support I have gotten is amazing! It means soo much not only when guy all purchase my jewelry but even just reposting, showing me love in my DM'S and commenting on my photos. I love how much everyone loves my pieces.

snake chain and evil eye necklace

It has been a learning experience especially the first month. Back in February I was just trying to figure it out as I went - I have learned sometimes that is the best way to do it!

I am a very BIG OVER THINKER. So this going with the flow, figuring it out as I went was scary new territory for me.

I am going on 4 months of having this business and I am so grateful for that ! To do something you enjoy and for it to be successful is a blessing. It is successful in the fact that you guys love the products, are encouraging me etc.... Sometimes it is not all about the sales. However, I am *Knock on Wood* making sales which is amazing !

fruit rings

I am back in High School

I have been at home a lot and bored. Also, the weather has been wild. One day it is hot, summer weather and the next day it is a snow storm - Canadian weather. So I have not spent to much time outside. I have been watching a lot of Netflix though.

I know queen gambit, bridgerton, superstore are very popular. I never watch shows when people are raving about them, or when everyone else is. I do not know why, I may watch it a few years latter but meh.. Instead I have been re-watching PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.

YEP... I do not know why but I am again hooked. When it first came out I was in highschool and now at 26 I am re-watching it. If Gossip Girl was still on Netflix I would re-watch that for the 100 time.

Literally, in highschool my style was a mixture of blair waldorf - the headband vibe...BUT Primarily serena van der woodsen and aria montgomery. I was really into the chic, grungy vibe. Long story short I have rediscovered all my skull tops and will be wearing them this summer haha...ughhh

ANYWAYS - that is all I have been up too! What have you guys been up too ??

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May 09, 2021

That is so cool that you have a jewelry line! What beautiful pieces, too. Congratulations! 💗




May 07, 2021

Your jewelry are so delicate and pure, I love them so much. I understand you, unfortunately I'm not doing much either because of Covid, but I'm also dedicating all of myself to work. As for the series, I saw Gossip Girl when I was in high school too, and it's actually the only series I've ever seen! I loved how they dressed, even if the story of lasts series went so sense. But I've good memories for that period of my life. We hope the virus situation improves and we can go back to our lives! Best :)

xx Dasynka

May 08, 2021
Replying to

AWE thank you so much hun!! That is what I have been doing too lately - its the only thing we can do is focus on work. I am also forever obsessed with how everyone in gossip girl was styled. All their outfits are still so stylish . Happpy weekend love :)


Ana Sá
Ana Sá
May 03, 2021

Loooove that necklace, how cute!

Ana C,

May 04, 2021
Replying to

awe thanks so much !

- shy

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