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August Recap

It has been a great, but hard one. Filled with a lot of stress, but also a lot of memories.

Driving After a Car Accident

It is stressful, I am always nervous, but life goes on and I can not stay confined in my home.

So I have a Funny, Terrifying but Cute story...

Keep in mind this all happened in one day, all before 11:30 a.m.

I was walking Lola and I see a cute animal across the street. As it came closer I realized that is a coyote. Miss Lola is 15 pounds... This coyote was small but I know how aggressive they are. I kept her close to me and walked fast. It was following so I tried to get somewhere where there were more people and then backed off. This was at 7 a.m., to be honest, I was too tired to deal with that haha...

If you have a small dog and you run into a coyote. You should pick up your dog, asset dominance. Do not let go of your dog's leash, keep them close!


I was driving to work, on a busy road. I am in the far left lane and coming from the right lane is a WOLF. YES, A WOLF! I had to break cause it was crossing. She was huge, gorgeous, but OMG... I almost pissed my pants and I broke out into a stress sweat. I was so nervous I was going to hit her, but I was so amazed to see this beautiful animal.

Then... yes there is more... I was on the highway and two birds come at my front windshield so I had to break because if I continued they would have smacked into the front of my window.

I love animals but all that wildlife all at once, coming at me haha... I could have done without haha...

Cancer ...

I do not share much of my private life, my family's business but I think it's important to share the good and the bad on my blog. A lot of the time I share the highlights and funny yet weird stories. Which makes it seems like I have no heartbreak, struggles, and stress when in fact that has primarily been the last few years for me. I have just tried to manage all that and focus on the positive highlights.

I have never lost someone really close to me. However, we recently found out my grandmother has cancer. It is pretty bad, and because of her age, the survival for the surgery might not be the best odds... and the recovery is going to be longer.

I just feel really bad because my grandmother does a lot, she loves to be active and creative. She has such a great spirit especially when people bringing up their concerns about this. However, I know she knows her odds of living longer... even though she tells everyone she will be fine.

I also feel bad because of Covid we have all been staying away from my grandparents, we have lost a lot of time with them and now we may never be able to get that time back.

Spending More Time in Toronto

I love Toronto! I used to go on day trips all the time by myself. Now that my man has moved back there I will be spending way more time there.

There is so much to explore and do. The people, the vibe is amazing!

So here is a collection of photos from my latest trips :

pasta and pizza from - piano piano

the other food from - aloette

My Favourites!

I have been slacking on this! I have a Like To Know It where I can link all my favorites and outfits for you guys to shop! I have not been doing this lately. I love seeing other people's favorite's- skincare, haircare, and fashion. That is usually how I shop, based on other people's reviews so I will try to do that more because I have been experimenting a lot lately with my skincare, haircare, and fashion

Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a walk threw experience. Located at Square One in Mississauga. I went with my friend who I have not seen in a year - you know Covid thangs.

Had so much fun, its dog friendly too! So I got to see a lot of cute puppies.

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30 ago 2021

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother! Sending much love.

I am enraptured by your animal stories. Both wolves and coyotes, though dangerous, are as striking as your monthly picks in clothing and jewelry.

Me gusta
02 sept 2021
Contestando a

Awe thank you !

They are definitely beautiful animals. Definitely was caught of guard though when I saw them !



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