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bloggers i love

I look to a lot of Bloggers and Instagram accounts for inspiration. I love a good, well throughout feed. Even though mine is lacking sometimes haha.. I appreciate the effort and time people put into their social media, on both their Blogs and Instagram. There is a lot of work that goes into creating a post, a feed, a blog article and a photo. 

When I have down time I read blogs. It is a great way not only to get inspiration for fashion and home decor, but also to get to know your favorite Instagramers better. I love that people are so open when it comes to there person life and they do not only share their "fashion must haves". More and more people are becoming open about everyday struggles as well as health problems and everything in between. 

I have a bunch of lifestyle bloggers! They all inspire me in different ways, here are a few of my favorites that you need to check out:

Adrienne Naval 

Her photos are amazing. She puts so much detail and though into each photo.From her style, pose to location of her photos - so well though out and picture perfect! She is also not shy about her editing process. She will share her editing process on her Instagram stories. 

Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Kathleen Barnes the creator of Carrie Bradshaw Lied  started her blog as a fashion blog and a way to stay connected to her friends. It has grew to so much more. And i love it. I am obsessed with all her post about her home decor. Her home decor style as well as her fashion is chic, timeless and attainable. 

Emma's Edition  The first blogger I became obsessed with. I have read all of her posts. She is amazing to me, she has a full time job and still manages to have a growing Blog and Instagram, with amazing content. I became a fan of hers because of her blog posts about blogging. She is very honest and transparent with the business of blogging. She has so many post on the topic of growing your blog, blogging collaborations and advice. She truly  is open and informative. Perfect if you are trying to grow your social media. PLUS she has amazing travel posts and fashion posts.  Instagram : Blog:

The Blonde Aboard  Kiki is a California native who quit her job to travel. Her blog is a must read on if you plan to travel anywhere! I know before I plan my vacations I always check out her blog. She outlines when to visit, what to eat , where to stay etc... You really do not need a travel agency because per posts are so well written and informative.  Instagram: Blog:

Delaney Childs  Her sense of fashion will get your attention. She has amazing style, her home decor is magazine worthy and she is a cook. She is a vegan and will share her cooking process on her stories which I love to watch. She also includes recipes on her blog. I also love her relationship with her boyfriend, they have such a love for one another and you can see it. I have had the pleasure of speaking to her through direct message and Delaney is so sweet and makes an effort to connect to her audience.  Instagram: Blog:

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