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how i wear my mum's clothing

I love to shop, but I don't have the money to be buying a new wardrobe every season. My mum was cleaning out her closet and she is one of those people who loves to keep everything, I used to nag her to donate her stuff but now I kinda realize why she keeps it. 

I went for a little shopping trip in her closet and found some cute stuff. Trends come and go and evolve over time -she had a few great staple pieces and trendy pieces that were back in style!

I love to pair old, traditional pieces with new pieces just to switch it up and make it my own. I know when my  mum wore this skirt it was not with a crop top! 

But I am making it my own because this floral print is a timeless print and you can switch up the top and accessorizes to get a whole new look. 

I also paired it with this amazing bag I got at winners in Toronto. I almost did not buy it but I knew if I left it I would regret it. The handles, colour and hardware were so unique it just elevated this look. 

I kept the shoes a basic black leather just because I had so much going on with the skirt and bag.

I will definitely be shopping in my mums closet more often now! 

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