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how to get motivated to got to the gym

new years resolution - how to get motivated to got to the gym

The same old question "what is your New Year's resolution?". With the same answer that is usually answered "to go to the gym", " to lose weight" or "to get healthy". 

Okay that is great! You have a goal, you start going to the gym but lets be honest after a month the motivation goes away. Now you are paying for a gym membership that you never use because you are busy, tired, do not have the time. Let's be honest those are not the reasons as to why you are not at the gym! 

I can not lie there have been a few times were I have skipped the gym because it is too cold outside and I do not want to leave the warmth of my home. So I too have faced the lack of motivation to get up and go to the gym! 

I find every year people as the same question "what is your New Year's resolution?". But no one is asking the right questions! The questions being okay this is your goal, how do you plan on accomplishing that? Do you have a time line? How do you plan to stay motivated in order to achieve this goal?

No matter what your goal is this year these are questions you need to ask yourself in order to achieve your goal! How will you ever achieve it without a plan!

Here are my tips to motivate you to get healthy, to motivate you to go to the gym, to motivate you to achieve your New Year's resolution.

1. Vision Board

Like I said before write down your goal, write down a time line and write down how you plan to achieve it! My tips below can be some of the ways to help you stay on track to accomplish your goals. I find adding photos to your vision board always help. I need to see the end product that I want in order to remind myself what I am striving for. 

So you wrote it down great! Now put it somewhere where you will read it and see it everyday. Goals only work if you are willing to work for them. 

2. Get Dressed

We look good, we feel good, we do good. It is exciting to go out when you have something cute to wear that makes you feel confident. I have attached some cute outfit ideas bellow: 

Additionally, the first thing I put on in the morning is my gym clothes because that is half the effort in order to make it to the gym. Sounds weird but trust me it works. Saturdays I love to sit around do nothing but I have to get into the pattern of getting out of bed and making the first thing I do be putting on my gym clothes. Just by doing that you are setting yourself up to go to the gym. 

3. Take Classes - Switch It Up 

I love taking classes, there is such a different energy in the room that keeps you motivated to push through. This also helps you to learn new workout routines and proper form and techniques. It is important to switch up your workout routine not only so you can target different areas but so you do not get bored. When you get bored you lose interest, the you lose your drive to achieve your goal. 

4. Go to the Gym with a Friend 

Classes are a fun way to not only meet people, network but also gain a workout buddy. Sometimes working out with someone is just what you need to get your butt to the gym. You catch up with an old friend while being productive. Use each other as motivation! 

5. Trust in the Process 

It is not about the end result but how you feel during the journey. Do not get discouraged when you do not see results, things take time! At the end of the day your health and maintaining good health is a life time commitment. You have to keep up with it. The goal is not just to lose 20 pound or be healthy right now. The real goal is to keep that 20 pounds off and to be healthy for your entire life! 

I hope these tips have helped you as much as they have helped me! 

Please let me know what your tips are to not only get motivated to go to the gym but also tips to achieve any of your goals!!! 

Clearly I need to clean my room! ----

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