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how to love Valentines Day when your single

"How to get through Valentines Day when your single"- I see a lot of those articles and I have never understood why that day is so difficult to get through. You do not need to just get through it, you should love it. Even if you are single, you can love Valentines Day just as much as people who are in relationships. 

I love Valentine's Day - regardless of whether I have a boyfriend of not I have always loved the holiday.  

I think it goes back to my mom always making it so special. She would always give me and my siblings a card and chocolates. My aunt would also do the same! She would come by every Valentines Day to drop of some sweets. 

How You Look at It 

I know for some when they are single they HATE Valentines day, the colours, all the stores pushing heart shaped merchandise, the flowers everywhere, couples seeming to get extra touchy. I chose to embrace that. It is nice to see other people happy, in love. Honestly, seeing other people happy regardless of if I know them or not makes me happy.This world is filled with a lot of negativity so what ever love and positively I see I embrace that! It is all about how you chose to look at things. 

Love Your Support System

I think it is important to realize that even though we should love and appreciate our loved ones everyday, this is a day to give your support system some extra love. This holiday is not only meant for a signification other. Get a card, pick up some chocolates, buy a sentimental gift for your best friend, mom, dad or siblings.  The day is about love, appreciation and I am sure you love and appreciate more than just your signification other.

I will definitively be buying Lola something! 

Love Your Self

You hear it so much "Love Your Self". Seriously though, love yourself. Treat yourself to something: buy flowers for yourself, your favorite chocolate etc.. Look at it this way if you are buying your own gift you are guaranteed to love the gift! You wouldn't have to fake the "oh my gosh, I love it".

Or you can just do what I do. Wait for Valentines Day to be over and buy all the chocolate the next day- when its on sale! 

Seriously though it is just a day to love everyone around you. Including yourself! 

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