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how to shop at Shein

I feel like this is a conversation I have been having a lot lately. When I go out and somone likes something I am wearing it's usually from Shein. And then the conversation of : I never get lucky when I order from them! How do you find the quality? They have great stuff, so cheap but I'm nervous to buy from Shein! There are definitely some tips and tricks to shopping successfully on Shein! Which I have learned over my time purchasing from them. Firstly let's talk about why I shop on Shein.

sweaters and cardigans I love :

WHY I SHOP AT SHEIN Simply put they have it all! Whatever weird thing I make up in my head I can find it on there. The price is decent, to low, some stuff if it's made out of cotton or specific material maybe more pricey but still decently priced, and shipping is fast.

They have trendy,fun pieces- I never like to spend to much money on these things as I may get bored of it or it may go out of style. They also have all the basics you need. Tanks, top, bodysuits... And delivery is free after a certain amount! It's always easy to reach that amount.

HOW TO SHOP ON SHEIN 1.READ THE REVIEWS! - take the time to read people's reviews of the items your interest in.They will tell you sizing, fit, if it's see threw.. 2. LOOK AT THE REVIEWS FOR PHOTOS- I think this is even better than written reviews because you can see the actual unedited product. I almost never buy anything from Shein if there is no customer photos. 3. SIZING GUIDE - look at it ! It will tell you if it runs small or big. And it will also say what size the model is wearing and her body dimensions..that way you can compare. 4.ACCESSORIES- I have bought a few bags and belts from Shein. With some things you get what you pay for..For the most part it has been good. Maybe just a lose thread but nothing serious, you can't even notice it after you trim it. Again read the reviews

colourful tops I love:

5.SHOES- double check your size. They have some listed as US or AU sizing so don't forget to convert the size. Also, I usually size up because they seem to run small - depends on the shoe, so read the Reviews. 6. FAVORITES- if your not sure add it to your favorites, that way you have it all there and can compare prices too! 7. YOU CAN FIND IT CHEAPER - pay attention because sometimes the same item on Shein is listed twice and one is cheaper than the other. You can find this by searching in the search bar - the same item your looking at and more will pop up. Also, by scrolling to the bottom of the item and you will see " similar styles" .


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