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January Recap - Alberta, banff trip! and New Job

It has been a great start to the new year... not to jinx it or anything.


Backstory - Me and my mans first vacation together, we booked it back in September 2021. He wanted to go somewhere warm, I did too. However, I was nervous to travel out of Canada just in case they closed the boarders again. It was kind of good we stayed in Canada because a few weeks before our trip Omicron happened. I was nervous about the cold though, I am not good in cold!

Traveling During Covid- Not bad. If you are staying in your country. You did not need a negative Covid test, only proof of vaccination. You could check in online which made it easier - however, I am tech challenged so my man did that for me teehee... Also, it may have been because covid, or just because Omicron just started but the Airports where not that busy.

Our flight home got cancelled, but they just rebooked it for us to another flight. We did not get to sit together, but at least we got back home safe !

What We Did In Alberta

Firstly, OMG it is all the Christmas vides you will ever need! You are surrounded by mountains, you wake up to them and have your coffee, you see them on the highway, you see cute homes covered in snow with lights..

Everyone is so nice, and a lot of them work there and have lived in Ontario.

Great Divide Trail

We went dog sledding and this was one of the highlights of the trip!It was -40 and the wind hurt, but omg those dogs are amazing. The musher was from Georgetown in Ontario so we had a great chat with him. He answered so many questions, he really loves those dogs. We he raced professionally in reallllly cold weather he will sleep outside in the cold with them. You could really tell he had an amazing relationship with them, he takes great care of them.


We stayed here for the trip. Our view was great from the window! We would make breakfast - yes I made some of them! Then we would get on with the day.

The town of Canmore was so cute. I can see why people live here. They have cute grocery shops, with amazing finds, and it is again surrounded by mountains. We spent our last day here, made dinner and just chilled in the hotel.


The town is soooo cute! We walked around into shops, ate at restaurants, you have to go in the day and at night! The lights and snow is amazing. The food is great, and there are so many candy shops, I got fudge !

Also, they had a shop that was all Christmas - I got my Lola ornament from there. I have been looking for an ornament that looks like her and I was sooo happy to find one!

Hot Springs - I thought I was going to freeze my butt off. It was soo nice though. It was so pretty to be in the hot water looking at the mountains.


Ice Fields Parkway - You must go this way to Jasper. It is a breathtaking view. BUT have winter tires. We got stuck on top of a mountain - we thought after 3hr drive we would have to head back. Luckily, after the 10th person who tried to help us, the 11th person offered some amazing advice. Switch the gear! Another tip- Car rentals do not automatically put winter tires on - they charge a lot more for them.

After getting over the mountain it got real dark, real snowy, and I am not into those conditions after my car accidents and not being able to get off that mountain.

My man got us to our hotel in Jasper Pyramid Lake Resort. It was soo pretty, the view was mountains, we where in cabins, the Pyramid Lake was in front of us.

We were tired a little on edge after the drive we parked the car at the bottom of the resort, there was another hill to get to our cabin, where you could park in front of the cabin. I was quit stern about leaving the car at the bottom. After we ate a great dinner, finally after we calmed down... the man wanted to give it a shot- to drive the damn car to the top of the hill. I again said no, he got up to a certain point had to reverse and got stuck in a snow hill. After all that, avoiding getting towed in the highway now we had to get towed out... right in the Resort.


I waited in the room while he waited for the tow truck.

We also had to stay an extra day at that resort because of how much it was snowing, we knew it was not a good idea to drive in it.

While we where there we:

  1. Wildlife Tour in Jasper Park- loved it, saw so many animal, meet some amazing people on the tour. Our guide was amazing , and this one girl was from Mexico traveling on her own. We also learned a lot about controlled forest fires, why they are actually a good thing. Also, controlled avalanches. It was informative and fun.

  1. Walked in Town - it was cute, but not much to do.

  2. Skating on Pyramid Lake - we got the skates from our resort and it was so fun! For me.. my man can't really skate, but he did do soo much better than I thought he would.

  1. The restaurant at the hotel - we ate there a lot, the food was good, and the atmosphere was so cozy.

We went the lonnnggg way home to Canmore- the 8hr highway. This way was safer, we would have cell reception.

Shout out to the man for driving all day, and getting us back safe!

Lake Louis

This was a low-key day were we went there walked around, and had hot chocolate at the ice bar. I feel like it was what we needed after that crazy drive. Especially my man, lets be honest he did all the work.

Fairmont Hotel

It is a fairytale, this building is stunning. You need to go inside, and see the outside at night with the lights. I got a mug and the lady at the shop asked where we were from and she said yes that's what I guessed, because you guys seem too cool... I got excited that someone called me cool. My man said little does she know.. your not lol

Vermillion room is where we had dinner, the decor was amazing- I am always into a great restaurant with great decor. I do wish I got the burger like my man did, it was good.

It is definitely a place you need to go! We plan to go in the summer too! It is a place you need to see in both summer and winter. I was not in the Christmas spirit last year. Even though we went in January, everyone there still had all the Christmas decor up, and with the lights, snow, and mountains omg i finally felt the Christmas sprit. When people from all-around the worked think about Canada I am sure this is what they picture in their heads. I did not know Canada could be this beautiful. It was not even on my list of places I wanted to visit, but I am sooo glad we went, you must go !

New Job

Right after I got back I started a new role. This has been the role I have been striving to get since I started at this company. I am missing my old position, mainly because I enjoyed it and I was great at it. I knew everything about designing kitchens, and I loved getting to talk to so many people- the nice ones lol. The conversations I would have with some of them were amazing. I also really liked my team.

I know this new position is a lot more work, more creative, less customer based, and I have to design the store. There is a lot more on my plate, and you learn as you go. I know once I am in it for a while I will get the hang of it. It is just I like to be realllllyyyy great at my job and starting over and not being the go to person for questions my co-workers have is hard.

It is also a new team, new location, and this location will be a lot more work. I am nervous, but excited because this job, this location will bring even more change into my life.... says the gal who hates change, she welcomes change ... now ... kind of.

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Mike Hassemen
Mike Hassemen
Feb 07, 2022

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all of your blogs and these article touches my heart thanks for sharing

such an amazing piece of knowledge.

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Feb 03, 2022

This trip to Banff in the winter looked amazing! I've only been in the summer! And congrats on the new role! That's so exciting for you!

Eileen |


Ashley White
Ashley White
Feb 02, 2022

Oooh, what an amazing getaway! These photos are stunning- and dog sledding, omg! SO FUN!



Feb 01, 2022

What a dream holiday! I'm so with you about not wanting to travel too far at the moment, exploring our own countries for the foreseeable!

Milli x -


Jan 31, 2022

These are great captures and congratulations on your new jobs

Feb 01, 2022
Replying to

Thanks gorgeous ☺️


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