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Like to Know it , Affiliate links- what is it, how does it work?

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

A lot of people have no idea what Like to Know it is. They just see the Like to Know it icon on the bottom of a photo or their favorite Instagram bloggers captions that say " shop the look via my Like to know it, link in my bio".

I am going to break it down for you. I like to be transparent, I think it is important to let my friends (followers) know exactly how something works so they feel more comfortable using the app. I will also talk a little about Affiliate Links and how that works.

Firstly, let me just say I was so excited to get accepted into the Rewards Style community. I have heard it is really hard to get accepted. The team looks at your social media, engagement, quality of your social media photos etc... Before they decide if you are accepted or declined.

Reward Style is what bloggers use to post onto Like to Know it. Only bloggers, influencers can have a Reward Style account. However, everyone can have a Like to Know it account.

Like to Know it

What is Like to Know it?

It is a downloadable app , or you can use your desktop, it gives you access to what your favorite bloggers, influencers are wearing or have bought. Bloggers link the exact item they are wearing or have bought in that photo.

Essentially if you love something someone is wearing it takes you right to the product so you can purchase it.

toronto blogger

How do I get a Like to Know it account?

You download the app in the app store. Create an account and that is it. Its free and they do not send out spam mail.

You can follow your favorite bloggers, influencers by clicking the follow button on their profile.


How to Shop?

You can shop your bloggers favorite looks by either going directly to their Like to Know it account. You can also take a screenshot of their photo if there is a Like to Know it Icon on the bottom right corner. Upload that photo to your Like to Know it and it will take you to all the linked products so you can shop.

spring fashion on trend

<--Shop Via screenshot. At the bottom corner you see the Like to Know it Icon. This photo you can screenshot and upload to Like to Know it . This will prompt Like to Know it to take you to the products I have linked.

black fashion

<---Shop the look by clicking on the photo you like and bellow the photo will show you all the products in the photo. The products linked will take you to the website I used to purchase my outfit.

How I use Like to Know it

I use it to share my favorite fashion looks, beauty products, shoes, bags and home decor. I link all the exact products I have. A lot of my clothing pieces I have accumulated over the years. So when I can not find the exact product I post similar products from brands I trust. I also link products that will not hurt your bank account. Believe me I love luxury products but I am a budget girl at heart. I always link affordable finds that are good quality.

If you have any questions DM me on Instagram-->: ShyyShianne

Affiliate Links /Marketing

This is where I like to be very transparent. Like to Know it uses affiliate links, commission links.

What is Affiliate Links?

If you shop off of my Like to Know it account and you make a purchase using my links I get a small commission off of the product you have purchased using my link.

Do I pay more buying off of a bloggers Like to Know it account?

NO! It is the same price as if you bought not using my link provided. Like to Know it works with companies in order to get bloggers some commission off of sales. It is like when you go into a store and the cashier asks who helped you? That person gets commission off of your purchase. But just like on Like to Know it the price of the item does not go up if someone assisted you or did not with your purchase.

Is it Legit?

YES! When shopping of off links provided by me or other bloggers it takes you directly to that companies website. At that point you can add the item to your cart and purchase. I also would not be doing this if it was not legit and a safe way to shop.

If you want to know more about Like to Know it --> Like To Know It


If you have any questions DM me on Instagram-->: ShyyShianne

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