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making the most of your wardrobe - preplanning outfits

Remember when you were a kid and you would lay out your clothing that night for the next day. This is kind of the same thing!

As you may know I am trying not to shop but instead shop my closet.

I have so many great pieces, great basics that can be styled multiple ways. However, when you are in a rush you do not have time to go through your closet to mix and match an outfit you have not yet worn before. Which is why lately I have been wearing the same thing basically everyday- jeans and a t-shirt.

I feel like when I do not dress cute, I do not look cute or feel cute. I like to wear fun outfits but planning them out when you are in a rush is hard, sometimes frustrating, your room turns into a mess, and you are in that "I have nothing to wear" moment. Even though you have a closet full of clothing.


I have had these for years and I am obsessed. They are just as comfy as the first day I bought them. They have worn so well, they look just as great as the day I bought them. I recommend getting them as a staple in your wardrobe.

I also found some really cute, Kate Spade wallet chains. Such great staples to add to your collect. The blue one is the closest version to mine in the photo.

Why to Pre-Plan Your Outfits

You Create Multiple Looks with One Piece of Clothing

- You can take one t-shirt, blouse and style it so many ways - with a skirt, light wash jeans, shorts. To further change up the look add different accessories- shoes, bags etc..

Same Clothing Item For All Seasons

- You can wear a blouse in the summer into fall and winter. Learn to layer!

You Save Time and Do Not Get Frustrated

- You are not in a rush to get ready, you know the outfit you picked out fits and looks great already. This way you can throw it on and go!

How to Plan Your Outfits

1. Go Threw Your Camera Roll-

See the outfits you have already worn, and save those to a folder. You wore it once and loved it, you can ware it again

2. Pick One Piece -

I picked one item in my closet and took flatlays of multiple ways of how I could style it. I them saved those to a album in my photos.

3. Occasions -

Do the same as above but take dresses, skirts etc.. and dress it up for nights out.

*tip- you could also create albums for different occasions and seasons too!

4. Go Threw Your Album to Pick Your Outfit ! -

Now that you have outfits pre-planned in the morning you can just open your album - mine is labeled Outfits and scroll and pick out what you want to wear. The outfit already is styled with shoes, handbag and jewelry. This way you can also pick something weather and occasion appropriate.

*TIP - I will use my instagram photos for outfit inspo, along with taking flatlay photos, I also use pinterest and other influencers photos as inspo and save it to my album.

I honestly think this is the easiest and best thing I have ever done in order to make the most of my clothing. I am not struggling and running my mood in the morning over what to wear. I also have cute, edgy unique outfits instead of gravitating to jeans and t-shirt. Which also makes me feel better knowing I am dressed on point!


If you see anything you like click here ->>> ShyyShianne

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Heather Noire
Heather Noire
Sep 21, 2021

This is actually really great information. And your tips you shared help tremendously. If you are going somewhere in particular or just forces you to be more organised. Hope you are having a great week and thanks for sharing.

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