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May and June Recap!

I have not done one of these in a hot minute! Ontario has been in Lockdown for lets be honest 2 years... ever since Covid started. It has been a shit show here. There has been nothing to really do but stay at home and stare at the four walls.

Recently though I have been up to a few thangs!

My Photo Got Featured in Narcity!

I was so happy about this. Narcity did a article on Krispy Kreme and wanted to use my flatlay photo of their doughnuts that I posted on my Instagram -

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woman holding box of krispy kreme doughnuts

I know its just a picture of doughnuts but Narcity is such a amazing blog that posts a lot about whats going on in Canada and I have followed them since I started Instagram.

Check out the Narcity article here->> Krispy Kreme

Mini Road Trip

I went with my man on a mini road trip! Just to get out of the area and explore a little of a new place was nice. Just to have a change of scenery was nice. I packed some snacks- junk food, pillows, blankets, twinkle lights and we just chilled out. It was really nice to get out of the house.

Everyone always leaves comments about where this yellow bag is from. I linked similarish ->

Sweet and Spicy Jewls

I released a bunch of new pieces - chains, bracelets, fruit rings and necklaces, smiley face rings and necklaces... a lot of new fun stuff !

I keep selling out of my gold smiley face ring which is amazing!

I would love to in the future attend in person markets, farmers markets or something like that. I am not to sure if those are running because of covid. Ontario has been horrible with informing people of those things opening a head of time so people can plan and apply to become a vendor.

Anyways, check out my Sweet and Spicy Jewls here -->>> Sweet and Spicy Jewls

cherry and pineapple jewelry

smiley face, heart , daisy pendants

wedding jewelry

wedding jewelry

smiley face rings

I got Vaccinated

I was not going to post about this. I did not post on my Instagram about it, I see everyone posting their : vaccine outfits, vaccine stickers etc... I could care less to do that.

Just thought it would be more informative to tell you that I got lucky and the only side effect of my first dose was a sore arm for two days.

My mum got her vaccine and while she was their someone has a seizure. The man was in his early 20's, healthy and had no previous health problems that would result in a seizure. I only know that because my mum stayed to make sure he was okay and overheard the doctors. He did wake up, however that is a scary side effect to have right after your vaccine. I felt so bad for him!

While my mum was at the clinic she also saw another woman pass out right after the vaccine. Luckily, this time a nurse caught the girl before she hit the floor, unlike with the boy. I have heard of people passing out, fainting after the first dose, but not someone having a seizure.

My Monthly Favorites:

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