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September/October Recap

Holly shiz we are more than halfway done the year! Halloween is just around the corner. I didn't do a September recap because not much was going on.

I feel like I have been busy trying to improve my Interior Decorating skills I have not really done much else. Lola I can tell has been feeling neglected!

instagram feed

My Career

I have been really getting into getting back at the logistic of Interior Decorating. The measurements, function, materials but also the design. I used to swear I would never go into kitchen design or bathroom design when I used to do renderings, AutoCad drawings of kitchen and bathroom designs. They were so hard, to make the space functional, there are a lot of rules and regulations. Guess what I am doing now. Designing kitchens!

It is so funny how the one thing I was like nahhh never doing that its what I am doing now. I am also loving it!

It definitely has its challenges. I am still learning a lot about the system and process. Everyday is different which is good! Keeps things interesting and the day goes by so fast.

It also allows me to help them design other elements in there home as well. Sometimes we go off topic and I will give advice and suggestions as to colour schemes, styles and accessories they should incorporate.

If you have not been following me for a while I used to do merchandising for a furniture company. I loved my job but management was beyond toxic. I finally during covid found another job that allows me to design kitchens part time .

Home Life

Miss Lola has been feeling neglected. I feel bad but I am also trying to live my life haha... Life is kind of going back to normal and she is having a hard time readjusting to normal. When I say back to normal I do not mean pre-covid, I mean I am not at home all the time to be with her.

She is acting out a little more, barking on walks, giving me attitude. She is just going to have to get over it. She will get used to it, she has before... hopefully she gets used to it.

I think I need to start taking her back to doggie daycare to get that energy out, so she can socialize with other dogs. It is so important for dogs to have that socialization just like it is for humans.

cockapoo puppy

Why I have been MIA from the blog and Instagram

More so the blog I have been posting less. I used to post two times a week, this month I have only posted twice! Which is crazy to me. It is because I have been trying to set myself up at the new job. There is a lot to learn, and still to learn, but I just needed the time to get my roots down there. But I am back ! haha...

halloween mug with hot chocolate and fall decor

Also, Instagram ->> ShyyShianne << follow me if you would like :)

I used to post everyday! and at least 3 stories. Now I only post Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday.

This has to do more so with my love hate relationship with Instagram it self. They keep changing the algorithm.

streetstyle of toronto


I know a lot of people do not think there is a algorithm but there is. Before I would post and get views, likes, comments, get on the explorer page, now Instagram is so much harder. The minute you post if you do not get enough attention to your post they act like you and your content does not exist. Which sucks not because as a content creator you want those likes etc... but because as a content creator you work hard to create great content, photos, captions, content you know your followers will enjoy and for them to disregard that sucks and is frustrating. That is why it is so hard to grow now on Instagram because the app does favor certain accounts of others. They do not give you a fair chance.

They have also changed the app to me more money focused. Putting shopping threw the app as the main focus and making reels the main focus. It is great they add new elements to the app, to stay up to date with trends but they need to stay true to what the app is.

Anytime the app has changed I have done a good job with knowing the algorithm and using it to benefit me. However, this time I am just over it. I am still posting content, I am just tired of trying to fight a losing battle.

If you are also a content creator, influencer you know what I am talking about. I follow a lot of influencers that have 10K plus followers and they have voiced their opinions of Instagram and it is good to know I am not alone.

They also love to block your account ( wrongfully) and accuse people of using third party apps, liking to many photos yada yada... Yet the people who are actually breaking the rules get away with it. And their customer service sucks, you can never get a hold of anyone.

I Got Me a Man

Who would of thought after 3 years of being single I would be in a relationship!! .. I sure as hell never thought I would be in a relationship haha...

I also did not think I would find someone during COVID! Dating during a pandemic is hard. Not only are you worried about getting covid, but there is also the added stress of meeting a new person, trying to figure out if they are worth your time, if they are on the same path as you yada yada...

fall flowers by a bed with books and nail polish

(these SLIPPERS!! I know I do not shut up about them but I am so in love, they make a great Christmas gift ;). My favorite thing after coming home from work is to put these on. They are so cozy, comfortable its like walking on a cloud). They are the first ones linked below !

I do like to keep my relationship as private as possible. This is why I do not post about him too much.

But he is pretty freakin awesome. I have been spending a lot of time with him, Lola loves him which is so important! The true test was does my doggo like you! She gets so excited to see him she happy pee's everywhere haha... I thought she was done with that phase apparently not.

Anyways, I do not know how would survive 2020 without him. He is just a ray of positively, he is so funny, thoughtful, his morals and ethics align with mine, he plans the best dates which is so hard to do especially during covid.

He is just a good man, which is all any woman needs.

selfie of a brown woman

decor of a pink restaurant


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