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Thrifted Zara Jeans Styled 2 Ways

I forgot how much I loved the thrift store! I guess I got used to online shopping, especially during the pandemic.

I used to go all the time, I also used to work there way back in the day. So, I would shop while I worked.. we all did. It was great, we all kind of got first pick plus employee discount.

I went in looking for work pants, then found these amazing Zara Jeans. They are light wash, high wasted, long, have a slit at the ankles - they are perfect. They are a little loose around the waist, but lets be honest it is hard to find jeans for me anyways. It is either the length, the waist or the butt that is an issue.

Anyways here are the 2 looks I came up with. I did come up with some other looks afterwards to. They are just such great jeans. You can pair it with a crop top, with a flannel and heels. Style it like Hailey Bieber - love her style. You can wear it with heels to make it more dressy or boots like I did.

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