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Toques From The Heart

This is the perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones!

It is a way to give more than just your loved one a special thoughtful Christmas gift, but also someone in need.

I feel that we often forget to give back during the Christmas months because we get so busy! This is the perfect way to do just that, give back!

Woman wearing hat . Christmas gifts

Toques From The Heart- creates soft and stylish toques that make winter more comfortable for both you and a Canadian in need. For every toque purchased, Toques From The Heart gives a toque to a Canadian experiencing homelessness. The concept is simple- when you buy a toque, you give a toque.

Toques From The Heart is proud to announce the launch of their newest collection of toques. There are three styles set to be released:

• Classic Toques 2.0

• Merino Toques

• Hockey Team Toques

Thoughtful Christmas gifts . Hats scarfs

They also have Hockey Team Toques, for the hockey lovers in your family!

I received the classic toque in Black and Dusty Rose! It is such great quality, they look expensive, and I love the message on the back as well. It is such a sweet touch.

All designs have a perfectly rounded top, an adjustable rim, and a special hidden message “stay warm together” stitched onto the back under the rim. Double-layered and made to keep you super warm during the colder months.

As of winter of 2020/2021 they gave 2,500 toques to Canadians experiencing homelessness. They have partnered with 15 amazing organizations across Ontario to help distribute these toques.

Woman wearing hat . Christmas gifts

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The Style Fanatic
The Style Fanatic
Dec 03, 2021

They are pretty.



Nov 30, 2021

These are such cute toques! I love that they give back too!

Eileen |

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