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2022 Goals - MENTAL HEALTH! - vision board


and saving for a home, having money for RRSP, TSFA BLAHHH BLAHHH

Those will still be a focus, however they will not weigh as heavy on me this coming year.

The last 2 years - since Covid - 19 has started it has showed us we need to focus on our health, and mental health.

I truely believe if your mental health is good, your physical health will be too! I ALWAYS get sick when I am stressed out - usually from my career. The amount of times I have got myself sick is stupid. I always get a throat infection. During Covid ... you just do not want to get sick period.

Also, I am less productive when sick, so if I just stopped stressing about getting things done, the future, career etc... I would actually have more time to focus on all that is stressing me out.

My vision board this year is all about : mental health, being relaxed, being flexible and having balance. AND ACCEPTING IT WILL BE OKAY



- accepting that things may not be okay but finding the good in each situation and making it work for me

- it is what it is- where can we go from here. Instead of worrying about the future take things as they come and then figure it out

- it will get done, when it gets done - meaning Realistic Expectations - Instead of 100 things on my to do list for one day being realistic, having me time throughout the day so I am not overwhelmed. Just to clarify I love having a lot on my plate I work better overwhelmed lol but I do not get to enjoy my days off when I pack so much in one day

-Knowing that it is me and whatever life throws at me I will handle it like I always do - with covid I stress so much more about the future - to the point were I got myself sick this year...I need to trust myself to handle anything that comes my way and just enjoy the present. I have handled soooo much crazy shiz.. I should trust that I can handle whatever.

These 2 photos of the quotes are actually from a DM Message I had with one of my amazing followers. She reached out to me after my previous blog post. Honestly, her words were the catalyst in me realizing I need to make a drastic change to the way I look at things.

My last blog post -> HERE

This is the main reason I love Instagram . I have made so many amazing relationships with you guys. Where we are honest, supportive, and can relate to one another in a non judgmental way.

Y'all already know I want to fall back in love with these honest blog posts and still be creative with my fashion posts and not worry about my engagement on IG.


- sleep ... I do not. I have a hard time turning my mind off. I am going to be going to bed and mediating before hand. I find deep breathing always helps. Also just to say positive things - like I welcome positivity, light, good health etc...

- me time through out the day! - I am learning this is something I need, along with the odd me day. Morning coffees with lola, getting my nails done, even just roaming a winners, home sense, sitting at a cafe just to turn off for a little.

- Journaling - yall know I love this. I have been off of it for a while but I need to get back to it!

- morning walks , stretches - I have been doing this everyday and I love it. I feel more energized even just by stretching


*I know all my goals overlap into each other. That is because I am trying to have a new mind set, while still hustling but having balance. Enjoying life

- being okay with not answering my e-mails asap, being in the moment and knowing I will handle it when I can

- time blocking - so I can get that me time throughout the day

- being more relationship focused - I never used to hangout with friends, family. Just work. I lost so many friends because of my crazy work schedule - which I am okay with tbh because I have a lot of friends now that respect the hustle and we get together when we can .

Every year I have a quote that I want to reflect how my year will go, or the mentality I want threw the year. This year this is my moto! And yes it's my screen saver and yes I made it an aesthetic lol

Also here are some cute organization, planners - cause my focus is also still organization!!

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