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5 easy things for a happier and healthier 2023

Screw a new years resolution... no one really keeps them anyways.

Try some lifestyle changes instead!

Here are some of the thing I learned in 2022 that have helped me to get through some really emotionally rough, stressful situations. These "things" helped me to separate the good from the bad, to take the lessons as they come, be present and remember the great moments in some of the hardest moments of my life.

Recognize when an intrusive thought is taking over

We stress a lot, run through scenarios in our minds, and create stress sometimes when it is not needed. Recognize how you feel when you are in that loop, what happens to your mind, your body. Then once you realize what these thought are doing to your mind. Put your hand on your heart and reset- say that these are just thought that are preventing me from living in the present, the present is all we have so live it before it passes.

I get these thoughts when I drive. After my car accidents there is still a fear of what if this person hits me etc...

Keep a journal

Yall know I am big on journaling. It is a simple way to let it all out and go. To get your mind thinking about what happened, what you feel and how to proceed. - Those are all questions I ask myself when I journal especially about things I am trying to work threw in life.

My Journals/Notebooks I designed : .... more to come !

Move for your mind

Not everyone is into high intensity workouts and that is okay. I took up hot yoga religiously last year and it has changed my life- helped with my mind, to be present, to process , it has helped my neck paint.

But if that is not for you even stretching every morning and before bed helps. I find stretching in the morning wakes me up better than coffee has ever!

You time in the chaos

Life is fast and time is flying, especially when you get older! 2022 ran past me- with all the major happy and sad life moments. It is good to have a reset. Time to catch your breath in-between it all. Do not neglect yourself.

If it is as simple as getting your nails done and being alone do it!

I love to go to cafes by myself and people watch! Also love to go to HomeSense, Winner and Marshalls by myself . You need some you time to ground you in the chaos.

We need relationships

As humans we need human interaction, we need relationships that are healthy. It does not have to be a partner but nourish, make time for family, friends, your dog. Be present and enjoy the company you keep.

The relationships you have with people are more than just for the fun time and going out but also for the tough times. The people you keep around you should be the people that will support you in the bad times. There is something so refreshing knowing that you have some rid or die people in your core group.

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