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Christmas in LockDown - Covid

This Christmas is going to look a lot different than last Christmas, or any other Christmas prior. We will not be able to be with extended family, friends, or loved ones. For us, it is whoever is in your home is whoever you are allowed to be with during the holidays. That is just the rule because of Covid-19.

What is the rule where you are from? Let me know in the comments below!

chritsmas mug

Anyways, for anyone in the same boat as me, we need to make the most of the holidays.

I know I will be missing going over to my cousin's home, eating an amazing meal, being with family, watching the kids open their gifts. It is one of the few times we all get together. We all have busy lives but we all always attend Christmas. It is a way to reconnect. However, this year we will not be able to connect in person.

The restrictions keep changing as to what we are able to do during Covid-19 and what we can not do. I know for every province, city, state, country these restrictions look so different. I am giving a few ideas and hopefully depending on your location you can use these to connect with your loved ones during the holidays.

Below I have given you some ideas as to how to make the most of the Holidays. And we can pretend for a little that Covid-19 is not a worry or even a thing!

** Any products links below - I have tried to source all of the products from small businesses such as Etsy businesses. There are a few products that are from Amazon, but most are from small businesses.

Christmas By Yourself

When I say Christmas by yourself I do not really mean you are celebrating Christmas alone. I mean how you can get yourself in the festive mood! However, this list is a great list if you are self-isolating at home alone.

Gift wrapping- this always gets me in a festive mood. I make it such a big deal to gift wrap. I get some cookies and milk, light a candle while having a Christmas film on in the background.

wrapping paper

Winter walks - I love going for walks, especially with Lola. Taking the time out of your day to just enjoy the snowfall, be in the moment helps you to forget for a little all that is going on in the world.

Baking- I love Christmas baking! Baking is a great way to spread joy and love. You can even do a cookie exchange with your friends. Instead of having a get-together maybe house hop, find a way to exchange cookies 6ft apart.

Spa Night- Hell ya I decorated my bathroom for Christmas. Get some Christmas-themed spa bath bombs, candles, soap then hop into those Christmas pajamas.

chritsmas decor

Christmas With Your Significant Other

I know some people during this time are choosing not to see their partner if they live in separate homes. For a lot of people who have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is hard. A lot of parents do not want anyone but the family that actually lives in their home coming over. It is totally understandable. I know even in my home no one comes over but I do go to work, where I am exposed to other people. So when I come home my mum tells me to stay at least 6ft away from her haha... It is just a very tricky, hard time, this virus is crazy. Where I live restaurants are no longer open so we cant go out for dinner dates.

Airbnb - if you are able to rent a place. Spend the night in with your significant other. Play board games, watch Christmas films, make a gingerbread house. It is a nice way for you two to reconnect in person.

toronto cn tower

Car Dates- this is my favourite haha.. Ever since me and my boyfriend started seeing each other the Covid restrictions have been a little unclear and weird. I am not going to g too into that because everyone's restrictions are different. However, because we were in a new relationship at the time we did not want to meet each other's parents and have dates at each other's homes so we would have car dates. This was when it was warmer, we would sit in the back of the car, watch films, grab takeout and talk.

Winter Hike- there are a bunch of amazing trails to go for walks on. If you both have puppies than you can take them too and make it a doggie play date!

cockapoo puppy

Christmas With Your Family

I am talking about the people in your home. You can still make the most of the holidays by staying in with your family.

Movie night - a Christmas film, some appetizers, and hot chocolate! My mum picked up some matching Christmas themed mugs for everyone.

christmas tree with hot chocolate and gifts

Baking night - bake, decorate and eat!

Family Christmas Dinner - I always look forward to getting together with my extended family. This year me and whoever is in the household will be having our own holiday dinner. Make it fun! Decorate the dinner table, have Christmas music on in the backyard, play board games, make it an event!

gingerbread cookies

Christmas With Your Extended Family and Friends

I have combined these two together because you can contact with both the same way.

Virtual - haveing a virtual get-together where you all can talk, see each other together. I know in person seeing someone is different, but unfortunately this is no longer an option.

BonFire - depending on your restrictions you may be able to have a get-together outside. With hot chocolate, exchange gifts and get that human interaction.

Renting an event space - if you are able to see your family and friends but are worried about not being able to keep a safe 6ft distance maybe you can rent a venue. This may also work for friends as I am sure if you are still living at your parent's home they may not want a huge group of people in their home. A lot of us also do not have big homes where we can all sit 6ft apart comfortably.

pink chritsmas decor

I know the holidays may be harder this year more than the last, not just because of Covid but also because I know a few people have lost loved ones because of the virus. It is definitely a time to appreciate all that we do have, the people around us, and the little things.

It has been a tough year! However, I hope your holidays are bright, filled with love, and laughs. I hope you guys are able to make some amazing memories!

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Manishkumar Ambaliya
Manishkumar Ambaliya
08 Απρ 2021

Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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Ashley White
Ashley White
08 Δεκ 2020

Here in KC, the cases are on the rise so we are advised to only gather with those living in our household. Looks like it's just going to be me and my boyfriend, Zooming our family for the holidays!


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07 Δεκ 2020

Love all your Christmas decoration, that for sure cheers you up!!

Have a lovely week ahead!


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Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
02 Δεκ 2020

What a great post! I love all the ways we enjoy the holiday this year. Going to an air BNB is wonderful idea to get away!

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Anika May
Anika May
02 Δεκ 2020

Lovely post! Winter walks, spa nights and movie marathons are my favourite :)

Anika |

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