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Christmas tree decorating

I have always loved to decorate especially during Christmas. Through the years I have picked up a few things I like to do in order to make my tree look unique.

1. Accessories the bottom of your tree: I find it kind of weird to have a empty tree. So I have started to nicely layout decor pieces under my tree. In order to add some thing special too the tree. I stick to the theme of the tree and just carry it to under the tree. 

2. Fake gifts: This is another way to fill up that empty bottom of the tree. Get empty boxes from the grocery store and wrap them in different kinds of wrapping paper. 

3. Ornament clusters: Getting clear wire and putting together 3 ornaments helps to make the tree look more full. 

4.Shoving the ornament into the tree: I started doing this when the hooks would fall off the ornaments.


5. Ribbon! : This really helps to fill the tree. Make sure to get wired ribbon it helps you to be able to work with the ribbon better in secure the placement of where you want the ribbon. I also love making bows out of the ribbon I think that is so timeless and chic. Making ribbons help you to fill the spots you were to lazy to fluff. I hate fluffing trees, I do not know why I just do lol. 

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