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unique amazon Christmas gift guide for him and her

I start my Christmas shopping ASAP. I have ideas in mind before Halloween, and once November hits I start my shopping. I like to be prepared and not in a last minute scramble. I like my gifts to be thoughtful, useful and for people to love them.

I know not everyone is like me. A lot of people wait last minute, or hate going out to do there Christmas shopping. Foe those last minute shoppers Amazon is a great option.

Even if you are not a last minute shopper a Amazon gift guide for him and her is a great thing!

I find men get the short end of the stick with "gift guides for him". It is always tool box, shaver kit... boring stuff, yes they may need it but sometimes a unique gift is nice to receive too!

A lot of the below I actually own.. or have bought for my gifts to give.

And you know I have only selected the top rated, and Amazons choice products. Oh and they are all Amazon Prime! So if your in a scramble these are thoughtful unique men's and woman's gifts

Woman's Amazon Prime Gift Guide:

Who does not need soap sets! I love getting these during Christmas cause it is one less thing I need to buy year round. And lets be honest the claw clip made a big come back these 90's inspired ones are great!

I also swear by these makeup brushes! They have lasted me years longer than my real technique ones. I also swear by these Amazon slippers they are cozy and have great support.

I am obsessed with bubble tea and a great activity to do is making bubble tea at home. Along with these chic aesthetic reusable bubble tea tumblers.

I am also really into some nice luxury designer coffee table books, but they are so expensive. These ones are so affordable!

I love my inspirational water bottle and I am going to buy this one next because it is such a aesthetic!

I also think crystals make for a great spiritual and home décor gift! Such a great stocking stuffer for both him and her.

Men's Amazon Prime Gift Guide

I actually got sooo into finding men's gifts. Something unique and thoughtful that they will love!

I have this record player, my boyfriend loves it! It is such an aesthetic, perfect for the music lovers. I also love this bed side table organizer. Keeps everything in one place and tidy.

I bought this watch box. It stores so many watches and has a drawer at the bottom. It is great quality.

As for the hamburger, sandwich socks- i think those are just a fun stocking stuffer for the foodie.

My boyfriend is also obsessed with the essentials sweater!

I love this bar cart and so does my boyfriend . We get so many complements on it. As well as getting accessories for a bar cart makes the gift complete.

Let me know in the comments below what your getting your family, partners for christmas!


Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
Dec 06, 2022

You are so smart to get your shopping done that early! I always have the best of intentions, but never make that happen, haha. I need to get it together! So many awesome gift ideas, friend!


Jelena Dimić
Jelena Dimić
Nov 26, 2022

I also love thinking thoroughly about making or getting gifts that people will love and actually use instead of rushing to buy them last minute, but I haven't had the time to think them through lately so I'll be all over the place for the holidays! Amazon has tons of options, though, great ideas you have here! <3

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