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Poster Store - Black Friday

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

So excited to be working with Poster Store on another blog post!

You all loved my previous blog post featuring them, and you loved the prints I selected. They were definitely more of a Pink Feed Goals prints that I selected the first time I ordered from Poster Store.

55% off PROMO CODE: shyy55

They have prints for everyone, every room, and every aesthetic!

They also release new posters every Tuesday so there are always new designs.

My New Prints!

I am so excited! I know this is not the theme of my room but...hopefully one day when I move out I will be able to include these prints into my home. I love animals, what certain animals represent, like the lion and elephant. They are such strong, powerful animals.

I got them in different sizes because even if I do not chose to hang them up like a gallery wall, layered on a dresser it helps to add depth to a space. Instead of the space looking flat.

I also got the print of the tree and sun. I feel like this goes with the overall theme I am trying to create with these prints. Instead of me getting another animal print I like how this breaks up the prints but is still within the theme.

The other print I got is this I love you print. I know it has nothing to do with the theme but I love it so much! I saw it from the first time I ordered with Photo Store and regretted not ordering it!

It is such a simple, and beautiful print. I currently have it up in my room with my Frida print!


Winter Morning - motifs of a sunrise with the silhouet of a tree in front.

- check it out -> here

Majestic Lion - A beautiful black and white photo poster of a majestic lion. The lion's mane makes it look extremely powerful and impressive

- check it out -> here

these are some more lion prints, I was tempted to get another lion print!

more lion prints -> here

Elephant in the Wild - A beautiful black and white poster of an elephant in the savanna

- check it out -> here

Seasonal Prints

Poster Store also does seasonal prints - which is perfect for the autumn month and for Christmas. You know I love to switch up my decor for the seasons. Switching out your prints is such an easy way to change your decor!

I got this print below and it is perfect for my Christmas decor this year. The print I selected also fits the frames I already have from Photo Store so I can change up my prints. I find this perfect because now I do not have to worry about storing my frame, and having all these extra frames taking up space in storage.

*TIP - If you are worried about storing your print keep it in the frame behind the new print you want to display!

Check out more of Poster Store's seasonal prints -> HERE

get the print -> Here

check out all the frames -> HERE


I really like that you can buy your prints in different sizes to accommodate your space. Also, that they have high quality frames in different colours and sizes. The frames have a perfect fit for all their posters. They can be hung up both horizontally as vertically with strong metal hangers. The frames are provided with durable acrylic glass which is lighter and stronger than real glass but has the same reflective qualities. They also have trendy poster hangers made of oak wood.

They also have so many prints to choose from. For all styles and aesthetics - their is truly something for everyone!

Inspiration for Photo Walls

I love that they also have Inspiration for Photo Walls. They have already put together a bunch of prints that work well together to create a cohesive theme. Their Inspiration for Photo Walls is great for people who are having a hard time finding multiple prints that go with their home décor and work well together. You do not have to choose all the prints they select, and you can also customize the frames to match your existing décor finishes.

Even if you look at one print they will offer suggestions as to what will look good with that print you have selected. They will also showcase it in a room setting. This is super helpful to visualize what your poster will look like hung up and paired with other prints.

If you have not checked out my previous post with Poster Store check it out -> HERE

I am still loving those prints I have selected so much! I always get complements on them when I showcase them on my Instagram feed.

55% off PROMO CODE: shyy55

  • Promo Code expiration date: Thursday, Nov 29, 2021 

  • 55% off applicable to all posters (except for select posters and frames)

  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount campaign.

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Radostina Blagoeva
Radostina Blagoeva
Nov 23, 2021

I love the lion one. Even more stunning that it's in black and white.

Nov 29, 2021
Replying to

yess its soo goood in black and white

- shy

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