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Slashop - Bamboo, Pet Hair Repellant Sheets for Better Sleep Health - Review

Updated: Jul 1

We need to talk about our sleep health and our relationship with our fur babies! 

I know all you pet owners will relate to this! If you have a pet, you know they are part of the fmaily, and you treat them as such. 

However, our sleep health should also be a priority, along with how much we care for our fur babies. Walking into your bedroom and seeing a bed that is well- made and clean can really set the tone for how well you sleep. 

So, how does your relationship with your fur baby tie into sleep health?.Well, let's be honest: as soon as we get our fur baby, we say we're not going to let them on the couch, or into our beds. That never lasts because they're part of the family. We allow them on the sofa,  and we definitely let them into our beds. 

When we let them onto our furniture, it can tresults in a lot of fur and dander collecting in our sheets and on our sofa.

Slashop is a home goods company that provides hair- repellent bedding, sofa covers, blankets and throws, sleepwear, and even pet supplies! 

I have been using their Pet Hair Repellent Bamboo Sheet Set for over 3 months now, and you know I let Lola into my bed on a regular basis! I can honestly say that her fur has never stuck to these sheets. She has really bad allergies, so she itches a lot and she does lose a lot of fur because of it. I was shocked to find no hair in my bedding. Whereas with other sheets, I would have to strip them off my bed, dust them off, and either put them back on or run them through the wash.

When I say their products are hair repellent, I mean hair repellent! I love to let Lola lay in bed with me. She rolls around and has zoomies on the bed, which  often causes a lot of her fur to fly everywhere  much as I love having her on my bed, I don't want to be sleeping with her fur. 

Slashop has products that are hair repellent, so you don't have to worry about your pet's fur clinging to your sheets. So, I can let Lola lay with me on my bed and let her enjoy her zoomie sessions, without worrying about the fur-nado aftermath! 

Let's be honest, if you have a fur baby, you know how annoying it is to have their fur clinging to your sheets, sofa, blankets and throws. Especially when you're sleeping and you wake up with fur in your mouth. It's not ideal, but it's also not their fault.

Not only is Slashop designed to easily repel pet hair, dander, and dust, it ensures a consistently clean living space. Made from bamboo viscose, it's more than just bedsheets – they provide breathability for hot sleepers and a silky-smooth touch. 

Bamboo viscose can drastically improve your sleep health. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. By wicking moisture away from your skin while you sleep, you and your sheets stay clean and dry. Bamboo also repels bugs and dust mites,making these sheets especially good for people with sensitive skin.

These sheets are a great option even if you do not have a fur baby.  Bamboo viscose makes foris a great fabric option as a bed sheet for your overall sleep health. The added bonus is that it repels pet hair, dander, and dust. Also, human hair. The girlies will know and understand this: we shed a lot, and we often find so many strands of hair. I have not found any strands of my hair lingering in the bed. This is definitely something my boyfriend appreciates – not waking up next to random stands of my hair! 

The sheets I have been using are: Pet Hair Repellent Bamboo Sheet Set

Give the sheets a try! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

They also have sofa covers, blankets, throws,  and really cute and chic pet accessories. 

They have really cute dog beds, and dog car accessories too! 

You can find the pet accessories here: Slashop Pet  

Want to make a purchase? Use my code “Shianne” and get 25% off!

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Radostina Blagoeva
Radostina Blagoeva
Jul 08

These sheets look great. I've heard so many great things about bamboo. Totally worth the investment!


Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
Jul 07

Shianne, these Slashop sheets look amazing!! I have never had bamboo sheets before, but I sleep with one of our cats (the other is welcome, but she is a diva and sleeps in her own bed, haha!) and she gets her hair all over my side of the bed. This would be so great to try!! Oh, and your dog is absolutely adorable!!


Doris Arthur
Doris Arthur
Jul 02

These sheets looks amazing for pet owners! It's great that they repel fur so well. I might have to try them out for my own furry friend!

Doris/ <a href="">Pure Life Gem</a>

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