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decor basics

Making a space beautiful is super easy and fun there are a few rules however I always follow to ensure the space has a nice flow and is not too overpowering.

family room decor

1.neutrals -browns are no longer neutrals, greys are. Buying grey furniture is a great base to any home decorating. It is not a statement piece and wont ever go out of style and gives you room to play with fun colourful accessories.

2. not matchy matchy- not everything has to be one colour or texture. If you are to go the one colour the space will look flat.

3. texture- this helps to add depth and warmth to the space, and you can add a few different textures through the use of textiles.

4. patterns and colours-mixing patterns and colours are a fun way to make a space unique. My rule of thumb is no more than three different colours in a space and no more than two or three different patterns. This is because you do want your eye jumping around when you look at a space.

5. less is more- do not over accessories, the space will look cluttered and small.

6. metals- mixing metals through accessories is another fun way to add something more to your space. No longer do you have to pick one type of metal. You can mix them!

home decor

family room decor

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