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easy ways to change up your decor

I LOVE to switch up the decor of my room. This is something I do so often. However, this can become so expensive especially if you are redecorating more then one room. I would know I have done a complete room makeover three times haha...

What I have learned:

1.There are inexpensive ways to change up your space.

2.Have big furniture pieces that are timeless: sofas, bed frames etc.. If these pieces are basic but not boring you can always add different element to it to spice up the over all look of the room. 

3.Switch up your side tables. Moving your side tables around -making your night stand your sofa end table can make a huge difference. 

I want to go back to point #2 were I refereed to adding elements to spice up your room.

The best things you can buy and store when you are planning on switching things up again is accessories, textiles and pillows. These are all things that can be added to a space and totally change up the room in an instant! These items can be very expensive BUT you can find very affordable on trend pieces. A great place for  accessories, textiles and pillows is IKEA. 

I love IKEA. Not only is their food amazing but they have a great array of products for every price point. 

Here are a few of my Favorite and Affordable picks: 

*Tip: Some of the cushions are cushion covers, which you can put over your current cushions. 

home decor on a budget

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