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holiday fashion guide / gift guide

I think Christmas is my favorite time of the year. From the home decor to the fashion.

You can go chic, modern, 90's Christmas, whatever aesthetic you want! With your home decor and your fashion!

Having fun during Christmas, getting gifts, getting party outfits, ugly Christmas sweaters ... it all adds up and can be expensive. However, it does not have to be.

It is a lot easier to online shop during the Christmas season. To organize your thought on gifts, what you need for holiday events. All of my picks are great for your self and as gifts.

So, here are my affordable holiday , Christmas picks:

P.S. Don't worry I did all the research for you! and the reviews are great! And they are all trending and affordable :)

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We love some ugly Christmas sweaters! It is a go to for a Christmas party and makes for a great gift! However, sometimes you want your ugly Christmas sweater to be... not so ugly. Your ugly Christmas sweater can still be cute, stylish and trendy! Something you can wear again next year!

Holiday Bags

Bags do not have to break the bank. They do not always need to be an investment. They can be affordable and look great! These holiday bags, add bling, are detailed and will be a statement to your outfit.

You can also wear these handbags all year round- weddings, party's, hell go out for dinner and rock one of these bags !

They are also so timeless, they will never go out of style because they are staples.

Holiday Dresses

From casual to chic these holiday dresses are timeless, wearable and re-wearable! Not just for Christmas parties but they can also be warn to weddings, and parties. Some of them if you do not dress them up with bling bling can even be worn as a casual weekday dress.

We love staples like these.. a little black dress comes in many forms.

We also love love some sweater dresses. They can be worn from fall to winter. At a holiday party or even as a casual event or weekday OOTD.


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