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how to change up your decor on a budget

As seasons change or even if you just want a change it is nice to switch up your living space. 

I often switch up my bedroom decor. I usually do this as seasons change or when something drastic happens in my life. Basically, me changing the decor in my room is the equivalent of getting a hair cut after a break up haha...

I put together two examples of how you can switch up your decor. These are inexpensive ways to create a totally different atmosphere. 

I did this by only changing: pillows, accessories and paintings. I did not change any of the furniture around because you can achieve a whole new space just by using accessories! 

Check out my Pinterest for more inspo!

The Family Room 

I kept the same sofa, coffee table, lamp and rug. I only changes some of the cushions and table top accessories, along with the tray on the sofa.

Feminine Family Room

This space is not totally feminine but includes some fluffy pink and white pillows. There are also white flowers on a gold tray to add warmth. You can also add warmth to a room by adding different textiles, patterns and fabrics. This will also help to add more depth to a room.

Blue Family Room

To change the look of the family room I pulled more blue tones that are in the rug and carried that through the use of accessories.  I kept the navy blue pillows from the last family room and added a few more pillows with blue tones that had different patterns. I also changed the tray, plants and accessions to make it a little more masculine. 


For this space i only changed the artwork, layered new sheets and added some additional pillows.

Basic Bedroom 

I say that this bedroom is basic because I am just using the pillows, sheets that came in the comforter set. I have not added anything, I just styled the space. 

Layered Bedroom 

I call this a layered bedroom because I added more textiles - sheets, pillows to add depth to the room. I kept the original comforter but also added a throw blanket and pillows. I also added a tray to tie in with the gold art work on the wall. I changed the artwork above the bed because even though there is a lot on the wall this painting is less busy. 

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