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I am Hairy I know so Stop bringing it UP

Ya, I am brown and hairy, deal with it cause God knows I have had to deal with it for my entire life.

I'm going to start off by saying the stereotype of being brown and hairy is very true when it comes to ME. Then again I probably think I am really hairy but in comparison, I am probably not crazy hairy. Like, not wolverine hairy.

This is kind of a sequel to my previous post about my weight, and the comments I get on my weight, how to deal with it, why it irks me.

You can read that here ->>> My Skinny A**

Let me start off by saying I like to be hairless, not because society says that is sexy or for a guy, it is more attractive. I just feel better with no hair on my legs, arm, and hoohaa. However, it is just so much money we are spending on hair removal. I also wont get rid of some of my hair if it is just Peach Fuzz, when I tan you can barely tell unless you make a point to obsess over it.

woman wearing beatles tshirt

I Googled and:

women who wax will spend an average of $23,000 on hair removal in a lifetime

Women spend 72 days shaving their legs over the course of a lifetime, lifetime investment for females who shave adds up to $10,207

Full body laser hair removal costs between $2500 and $3000 on average. The cost depends on the amount of hair on the body and how many treatment sessions are needed - IT COSTS MORE! Especially for yearly touch-ups and if you have hormonal changes hair will grow back.


Getting Bullied Because of Body Hair

Growing up I would always see and hear about girls getting bullied because of their upper-lip hair, arm hair, leg hair - any body hair. It is horrible especially being bullied from a young age, girls are always judged on their appearance.

Women get told they are too fat, too skinny. Also, why are you so hair, you have hair on your body you are not supposed to your a girl.

Even now I get comments on my body hair. It is really like society just does not want to give women a break. It is like a constant attack of your weight, your body hair, you are a bi*ch because you know what you want and set boundaries, you do not want kids and people say you are selfish, you have kids and then go back to work and you are selfish, you have kids and are a stay at home mum and you get the must be nice your husband works so hard and she is Just Home with the kids.

Why are we not this hard on Men.

I am not one to do a tit for tat thang, but it is at the point where just like the comments on my weight I will say something because this is not the sh*t I want my kids to have to hear.

To be honest, most guys that I have dated, friends, do not care if I or their girlfriends have hair on their arms etc... It is nice that some men do understand that it is so hard and time consuming to keep up.

Why these comments bother me:

1.Even now I get comments ohh you have hair on your stomach .... First of all, it's peach fuzz, it's not long hair. Also, I feel like if you are so upset about my body hair then you should pay for my waxing, or laser hair removal if it bothers you that much!

2. If you are a boy commenting on a woman's hair, go get a full body wax then make a comment to me, and maintain it throughout your entire life.

3. The hair is there for a reason!!

"It protects the skin from environmental influences. It responds to external input and translates this information into neurological impulses that are interpreted as sensory stimuli by the brain."

Hair also prevents friction, it also helps to prevent dust, bacteria from getting into - your eyes, nose, hoohaa etc..

4. Are you so bored and lazy that you can not find another talking point that is not my body hair. Talk to me about social justice issues, the stock market etc..

5. It is not how I want to spend my time and money. I hate getting a wax and finding wax three days later after multiple showers, I hate being sticky just for it to grow back in a few weeks. I also hate spending so much money on laser, I do prefer laser but it does grow back.

6. After hearing it so many times it naturally becomes an insecurity. You become more self aware of it, self -conscious of it.

7. It is like you are purposely trying to put me down. Especially after repeating it, or making it a point to randomly point it out and bring it up.


I AM CRYING WRITING THIS . I never thought that this would be such an issue but it is the last thing I need to be told is wrong about me, about my life, another imperfection I have. If it bothers YOU so much that I have PEACH FUZZ on my body do not be with me, do not hangout with me. I have so much going on in my life I have to deal with, especially when someone is already down, stressed why push them to a lower point?

My Hair Removal Situation:

When I was younger I waxed everything - my mum always said it makes the hair thinner and you are just smoother. That is true! I am glad I waxed and did not shave all those years. It also killed all my nerves so now I feel nothing lol.

Now, I get laser. I did my upper lip which was useless- advice does not laser your upper lip it never works! I have heard so many women say the same thing and I should have believed them.

Underarms and legs that worked for me. I do still have sessions left but overall very happy with the results.


My arm hair I do sometimes, but mostly I do not bother I do not care. I will maybe do a laser on it. However to be honest it does not bother me, but apparently, it bothers other people- the people who make snarky comments. Funny how they never comment on my smooth, long legs lol.

Also, my body hair - I have talked to laser estheticians about it and even my mum. Both have said do not touch it. It is so light and tiny you can not even see it, once you start you will have to maintain it so it is best not to start removing it. YET people still make comments about it, I do not know why people are getting up close and saying sit about the peach fuzz on my stomach.

My SIDEBURN... I have got comments about this too... shocking isn't it lol. My mum always said do not touch them, let them grow out, and pull them back as hair. I have seen a lot of celebrities do this. This is what I do, they are long enough where they are hair and it looks natural. My laser estheticians even said do not touch them, they look soo natural. BUT people still make comments, why are your sideburns so long. UMMM SIR... why are your sideburns so uneven, why can you not grow a full beard are you jealous???

I just feel like as I get older there are a lot of things that I will not put up with anymore and to be honest I should not have had to put up with this when I was younger!

I will say something, cause I am not here for these stupid comments.

I do not care if people want to be fully hairless or have their bodies covered with hair. Let people do what they want. Why is body hair such a concern to some people when it is not their own body hair?

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