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June monthly recap

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

I had to check what month it was... that is sad and also tells you I have no concept of time because I am still unemployed sitting at home looking for a job. I am way more productive when I have a lot going on. I miss the HUSTLE. June has been all over the place for me, emotionally, career wise etc..

Lets just jump right into it shall we ...

woman with half hair up half down wearing glasses

My Emotions

Like I said they have been all over the place. I just feel like I have been wronged, screwed over because of my last job. I know if you have been following my blog you know the harassment at work and my boss hitting my car.

You can read more about that Here <-

It is annoying I NEVER play the victim card. I always look at it : This happened to me, what can I learn and take away from the experience, okay now lets move on with life, look for a new opportunity.

I think the only reason I feel screwed over is ya my previous employers did all that stuff, it was effecting my mental health, the harassment, getting me to do their jobs etc... BUT the worst thing is I feel stuck because of covid the job market is sh*t. I am doing the most to get out of this position and I feel like I am being held back.

I miss working, it is what I do best, I get SH*T DONE.

I also feel like covid is just delaying the process of my life in other aspect. Social, traveling, and networking. I like to go out meet new people make those long lasting connections. I am trying my best to live life, but when normal is not normal anymore it just does not feel the same. Do you get what I mean?

Also, Canada only gets two good months of summer. While things are opening up I am anxious to go out. Covid -19 is still here! I know a lot of people who are running to go out and I get that. However, when I come home I have to think about the other people I live with, my family. I also help out my grandparents.

Blogger Life

I am trying to focus on building relationships with my amigos (followers). That is how I started my Instagram to begin with, it is what I love. To connect with my amigos(followers) personally, I love it. I love when people slide in my DM's and I have been sliding in a lot of your DM's too!

woman sitting at a cafe with dessert and coffee

I also got to try out some new products this month! The Revive Superfoods. If you follow me on Instagram and see my stories you already know I love smoothies. They are the perfect way to get all your vitamins in, to have a healthy meal and it is so quick and easy to make.

Revive Superfoods offers smoothies, oatmeal bowls and acai bowls. They kindly gifted me all of their smoothies!

How they work is you open the smoothie fill it with your favorite liquid - I always use almond milk, it helps me to stay full longer. Then you dump it into the blender, blend and put it back in the cup. The cup it comes in has a lid with a slot for a straw. I love that it is reusable.

I am all about having a healthy lifestyle even when on the go. That is why I enjoyed their smoothies so much. They give you so many great flavor options and pack the container to the top with fruit and they do not add any sugar!

Of course I have a promo code for ya'll -> SHYYSHIANNE55 for 55% off

Here is the Website -> revive superfoods

revive superfoods

I have also been trying to get comfortable with my what I call manly, monotone voice. I have been trying to talk more in my stories. I talked about a few of my Shein purchases! I also posted on my blog my Shein Haul and Review.

You can check that out here -> Shein Haul and Review


My dog mom life is always interesting. She has had a red paw for a while because she used to bite it due to stress and allergies. Now that that has healed and the red colour of her fur has grown out ... take a guess what this monkey has done.

She has done the same thing to her other paw! I am trying to stay on top of it but she will hide and bite her self.

So this was ANNOYING:


I was walking Lola in my area and this man was at the end of his driveway so I had to walk a little on his grass to stay 6 feet away. He comes running to me cursing. You get the f*ck over here you stupid dog is pissing on my tree ruining my tree. I told him no, we are trying to stay away from you, walking around you. He is like no I know your stupid dog has been pissing on my tree. I said my dog is a female she can not lift her leg to pee on your tree, that is only a male dog. The whole time he was cussing. Me telling him facts pissed him off so he kept on going and saying no, I tried walking away.

Then he tries to HIT LOLA multiple times and is cursing at her.

I gave him the nastiest look and laughed in his face.

Those type of people are the type that have a ego issue, a male dominance issue. They are sad people. These are the type of people who will never take ownership for them doing wrong, blame everyone else and sleep okay at night. I have learned to not bother with these people. You can not explain logic, facts to these people, they are not able to comprehended that.

I of course told all my dog friend owners. They were pissed that it happened, but not surprised. They said there are a lot of people like that in the world. I agreed, because I used to work with a lot of people like that.

mirror selfie of a woman and her abs with dog in background

girl walking her dog


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Jill Gilbert
Jill Gilbert
Jul 12, 2020

Unemployment is definitely hard... I was unemployed between April until just a few weeks ago. It's definitely hard to stay motivated without a consistent schedule to plan your life around. It sounds like your last job was really toxic! I hope you find an amazing job with a less toxic work environment soon! Hang in there <3



Ashley White
Ashley White
Jul 09, 2020

I cannot BELIEVE that crazy guy would try and hit sweet Lola! People are insane, I swear. Sending you lots of good vibes on finding a new job- I can only imagine how stressful that would be, especially in this time + in this market. I'm a "get shit done" type of girl, too, so I would totally feel the same way!



Meet Miri
Meet Miri
Jul 07, 2020

The smoothies sound super good and it sounds like fun that your Lola was the reason you met a guy!

lots of love, Miri

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