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poster store - home décor refresh!

You know I love to switch up my home décor, on a regular bases. I get bored of having the same décor throughout the year. I do change up my décor for the seasons - Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas. However, for the rest of the year I do get bored of having the same room setting. I have always said its so easy to change the entire vibe of a room by switching up your home décor accessories. Switching up your prints and artwork is such an easy way to add a fresh new look to your home décor.

About Poster Story

At Poster Store you will find Scandinavian designed posters created by passionate artists from around the world. They also offer stylish high quality frames that are easy to handle and hang up on the wall. Poster Store is based in Sweden.


I really like that you can buy your prints in different sizes to accommodate your space. Also, that they have high quality frames in different colours and sizes. The frames have a perfect fit for all their posters. They can be hung up both horizontally as vertically with strong metal hangers. The frames are provided with durable acrylic glass which is lighter and stronger than real glass but has the same reflective qualities. They also have trendy poster hangers made of oak wood.

They also have so many prints to choose from. For all styles and aesthetics - their is truly something for everyone!

Inspiration for Photo Walls

I love that they also have Inspiration for Photo Walls. They have already put together a bunch of prints that work well together to create a cohesive theme. Their Inspiration for Photo Walls is great for people who are having a hard time finding multiple prints that go with their home décor and work well together. You do not have to choose all the prints they select, and you can also customize the frames to match your existing décor finishes.

Even if you look at one print they will offer suggestions as to what will look good with that print you have selected. They will also showcase it in a room setting. This is super helpful to visualize what your poster will look like hung up and paired with other prints.

My Prints From Poster Story

frida kahol artwork

I had such a hard time not buying a bunch of prints because there was so many I loved!

A bunch of prints spoke to me for different reasons. They were all different aesthetics but I just loved the artwork!

As you know my room is blush pink. I tried to stick with prints that would match my décor while adding a uniqueness to my room.

I finally decided on three prints and where and how to showcase them:

Frida Art Poster ->

I instantly fell in love with this print! The colours used pull from my existing bedroom decor. It is a abstract illustration of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The portrait shows the feminist artist with a colourful flower wreath and a flower necklace against a pink background.

Click here to Buy

Naptime Poster ->

I think this poster pairs so well with the Frida Poster. They pull the same colours out of each other. I went for a smaller size in this one. I think its fun to have them together the Frida behind this one and just to have it sit on my counter adds additional depth to the space. A vintage poster with a humorous motif of a woman with bare legs and red stiletto heels who seems to take a spontaneous sleep in a classic plush sofa. I love that there is a bit of humor and elegance in one piece.

Click here to Buy

lion art

Majestic Lion Poster ->

This one just called to me. It does not match my bedroom decor, but I will hang it in my basement because it does match that decor! It is a beautiful black and white photo poster of a majestic lion. The lion's mane makes it look extremely powerful and impressive. I just love what lion's represent.

Click here to Buy

I am also really happy in the way it was delivered! Well packed, the quality of the prints and frames are amazing! I also love that the delivery was in 4-7 days after ordering the prints!

I had a bunch of prints in my cart. Like I said, I was drawn to so many different prints that created a different aesthetic. So, I will share those with you here:

*You can Click the names of the posters to view on Poster Store's Website*

Turquois Lion Tape Recorder Winter Morning

Naptime Frida Green Plants Pink Wall Palms

** Use Discount Code:

Code: shianne45

45% on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames)

Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from September 2 until September 9.

To View All Prints go a head and click -> Here

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