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sofia richie old money style for less

I mean its safe to say everyone is obsessed with sofia richie old money style. After sofia richie's wedding she took the fashion world by storm and has inspired so many people, even other celebrities like kendall jenner's style.

Yes, the term "old money style" and "quiet luxury" have been trending a lot but to me what that really means is timeless, classic, and capsule wardrobe.

Yes, sofia richie wears some feather pieces, pops of colours etc.. but her base of her style is that of a capsule wardrobe.

She has a soft look, a Parisian style, something very attainable.

Although, she rocks Chanel and all the luxury brands there are alternatives to her looks that are great staples for less.

The basics of sofia richie's style

1. Her style is minimalist, simple, elegant pieces, and she keeps accessories simple. Everything works together seamlessly for a balanced look.

2. A monochromatic moment, black and white or beige. The basics of an old money look with simple jewelry.

3. She adds a vibrant pop of color. I love this, it still proves that she is fun and adds versatility to her style. She does it in the right amount, it can be a neckline or a handbag. She balances timeless with fun and colourful.

4. Here is the capsule wardrobe I told you about : Sophia richie’s everyday wardrobe consists of elevated basics. Staple jeans, a T-shirt that goes with everything, a classic trench coat, blazer, dresses that can be styled up or down and comfortable knitwear.

How to get sofia richie old money style for less :

Her style is attainable, wearable, very effortless and put together. sofia richie's wedding put her on everyone's radar in terms of fashion, beauty and lifestyle routine. She has evolved from her scott disick days. She has grown up and her style has evolved too.


Jul 19, 2023

I love Sofia's style! And all the items you linked are GORGEOUS! Especially the bags <3


Krissi of the marquise diamond


Radostina Blagoeva
Radostina Blagoeva
Jul 17, 2023

Yessss....she has definitely rocked some of the best looks. Love her style! 😍


Laura Bambrick
Laura Bambrick
Jul 16, 2023

You break it down so well! I love your gorgeous picks too!


Carrie Albrecht
Carrie Albrecht
Jul 15, 2023

All of these handbags are so nice! I love simple when it comes to jewelry.


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