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Summer makeup routine

I am aware that the heat is in full force this summer. I swear it went from snowing and being to cold to go outside straight to heat warnings and it being to hot to go outside.

Even though corona virus is still very much a concern and people are still choosing to stay home, which I am glad about! The government is allowing us to stay in small groups, go outside, while still practicing social distancing. This is a perfect time to wear makeup. I know during last summer I used to get so excited to put some makeup on, a cute outfit and go out. I think in order to maintain some normality its great to be doing that even during this time. I know I am still dressing up, putting makeup on and going out. However, I am practicing social distancing and following the governments guide lines.

As it is hotter, we all meed makeup that does not melt off our faces haha...

I have texted and tried some products over the years and figured out what works for me. Make up that does not feel like it is sinking into my pores, does not look cakey in the heat, makeup that stays in place.

Everyone has different skin types, so it can be hard to find what works for you. My skin is: oily, especially in the summer.

Some of my favorite beauty products to maintain my skin and take care of my skin are from The Ordinary. I have a blog post on all the products I use from them and how it has helped my skin ->

I am not a beauty expert by any means. I just know what works for my skin type. I also make sure to protect my skin from the sun when I wear makeup.

makeup products for the summer

Here is my Summer Make-Up Routine

I have listed all my beauty holly grail products, tested not only by me but also all the makeup gurus we all love and know. If a makeup guru wears it, has it, buys it you know it is a holly grail makeup product that you need.

1. I start off by cleaning my skin and all that jazz. If you guys want my skin care routine let me know! in the comments below or DM me on my Instagram -> ShyyShianne

2. Then I apply sunscreen I make sure to use an oil free sunscreen. I have been using Aveeno for years now as my sunscreen on both my face and body. I have tried other brands and they cause me to break out.

TIP- I wear sunscreen everyday even in the winter. I also read up on it a while ago and it is great for preventing wrinkles and good to also use on your neck.

3. I apply my makeup! I cant lie I apply if differently ever time. I do not think the order really matters but the quality of the products do.

TIP - I am very stingy with the amount of makeup I put on my face. Meaning I do not do full coverage.

TIP- I do not use foundation.. EVER. I personally do not like how it feels on my face. It freaks me out haha....But I know some people love foundation so you do you boo. I have some foundation options included that I used to wear when I had to dance on stage. - ballet , not the other kind of dancing :P

FYI - I break all the makeup rules, I am just letting you know I am aware I might not being "doing it right" but it works for me and my face haha..

Makeup Products I Use On My Face:



TIP-I also use concealer all over my nose. I remember watching James Charles saying if your nose gets really oily don't put foundation on it, put concealer on it. It has been a LIFE CHANGER! My nose is always so oily and this makeup technique actually works.


Again, I do not wear it. However when I would have to perform on stage I had to have a full face of makeup. These are products I found to be the best in terms of not battling my oily skin and staying in place with out that cakey feeling:

Contour, Bronzing:

My favorite part of my makeup routine! I love these products and repurchase them all the time. They are the only two contour pallets I am always reaching for.

Highlighter/ Blush

My favorite highlighter is the Wet n Wild highlighter! It is a natural glow you get when you use the product, it is not chalky and is super affordable. It is honestly the only highlighter I use for my everyday makeup routine aside from the other ones I have listed. I am strangely picky with the highlighters I use haha... FYI Wet n Wild is also cruelty free


I know a lot of people find that their mascara runs down their face in the heat. I have never had that problem and if I am ever concerned about that I wear waterproof.


I am brown and hairy. I really do not need to be filling in my eyebrows ... haha. If I do fill it in a little I use a black powder eye shadow. I like to break all the makeup rules. I use the smashbox black eye shadow in the full exposure pallet


If you have oil eyes, prime it hunny. I sometimes just use a eyeshadow stick and I pat on my eyeshadow on top.

Setting Spray


TIP- Jacyln Hill gave this tip in one of her videos. In your purse pack a powder brush and your setting spray. If you ever feel really oily or your face is not looking 100. Lightly brush your face in circles, then mist , then brush your face again.


I hate wearing lipstick or anything on my lips. I either eat it off or get that weird white film in the inner of my lips and that is just not cute. I have hunted for good lipsticks, matte lipsticks and I found some that work for me.

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jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Jul 26, 2020

Summer is such a different time because of the heat. I have been using a stay on all day lipstick that is SO helpful. And waterproof mascara for sure. XOOX Jodie


Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
Jul 25, 2020

Thanks for sharing your routine! I love that setting spray and thanks for the tip about the concealer on the nose.


Exquisitely Me
Exquisitely Me
Jul 25, 2020

It is great to learn about people's makeup routine. It is so important to use sunscreen!! Oooh love the different makeup brands you use! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy ✨ <a href=""></a>


Paola Lauretano
Paola Lauretano
Jul 23, 2020

Great routine and interesting products!

Kisses, Paola.

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<a href="">My Instagram</a>


Juanita likes
Juanita likes
Jul 23, 2020

I'm not that much of a fan for foundation either. I much prefer bb, cc creams and tinted moisturisers for a natural less is more look. I love the NXY mousse type lip cream, so soft and dreamy. I hope you are dong well : ) xo

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