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The 3 best comfortable outfits! that aren't leggings

I live in leggings. I have so many clothes though, and not all of them look good with leggings. Even when I get dressed up I like to be comfortable. I have made so many fashion mistakes in my life lol one of them is investing in too many tops and not enough pants, trousers, comfortable fabric options.

There is more versatility in tops when you have different pants to wear them with and I find you end up buying less clothing.

These looks are great because they are comfortable, they can be casual or dressed up, and also translate into office wear depending on how you style them.


The perfect replacement for jeans .. and leggings. They are airy, flattering and elevate your look. I used to be so against wearing anything dressy with white running shoes but they do look so good with white sneakers.

I love trousers when they are high-waisted. You can make it edgy by tucking in a graphic tee, or sexy with a crop top. Of course, business attire with a white tshirt and blazer.

They are the perfect pant, in black and a taupe colour its a capsule wardrobe holly grail !

If you are tall or short they are just so flattering!

Wide Leg/ Mom Jeans

I still love skinny jeans, they will forever be in style for me I do not care what anyone says.

However, the comfort of a wide leg or mom jean OMG. Again, a high-waist pair so flattering on all body types - will not go out of style. Pair them with a blazer and graphic tee, or a super feminine blouse I love that look. Great with heels or sneakers!

Here is are the blazers I live by I bought one in every colour ! The fit is so good


I used to hate wearing dresses. I think it is about the fit and style and I always found them to be super girly and that is not me. I have figured out how to style them so I wear them, and I can wear them from season to season.

I also used to be so against the dress and white sneaker trend. I get why girls do it... I still do not really wear them but I wear combat boots. Again its about style these comfortable looks to your style.

If you pair a long bodycon dress with a men's blouse, or leather jacket, runners or in my case combat boots you look put together and no one can tell how comfy you really are. Even flowy dress I love to pair with boots or comfy flats.

My top picks for bodycon dresses

You can look great, put together and comfortable all at once. I have learned when it comes to comfort in fashion your first pick does not need to be leggings. You can have all the comfort of wearing leggings while wearing trousers, mom jeans and dresses. It is all about personal style. I strongly believe for a great solid capsule wardrobe you should also have these three things, they are verastile and timless and can be the base for so many outfits.

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Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
Jul 26, 2023

I love my comfy leggings too and live in them when I'm home usually, but I love all three of these types of comfy and pretty pants! Especially trousers/dress pants! Hope you have a fantastic rest of your week, Shianne! :)

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