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Mental health during COVID 19

I can not lie even before covid my mental health was not in a grate state. I have been through a lot this year in the span of less then a month I lost a lot of things I worked my whole life to get- career wise and other. There were a lot of horrible things happening to me, which left lingering stress, anxiety and physical pain. I am someone who likes to evaluate why things have happened if I could of avoided situations in order to learn. However, all the situations that occurred were out of my control and unwarranted.

To read up on that here is my February, March Recap

I like to try to fix things, get back in control of my life. I thought I would have another job by now, I would be back on track to achieving all my 2020 goals. NAHHHH COVID BIT*H SLAPPED ME AND LAUGHED IN MY FACE..

I think everyone feels the same way in that aspect. Covid has put the world, our goals on hold. I spend a lot of my time struggling to accept that this is what it is, and I can not change this situation. I have to adapt. When your a "go-getter" like me accepting things is very hard. Everything I have in life is because I hustled, I worked, I kept going no matter what the situation was. However, this is a different time for everyone. This situation is a pandemic, the world has basically shut down. Normal has shifted. It is all a waiting game. That is what we all have to accept.

It is a challenge to accept it. It is were many people, including me struggle.

The things to do to take your mind off of all the anxiety this time has brought on :

Routine - this has made me to feel more productive. It makes you feel accomplished and you do not feel like -ohh crap another day of me not doing anything, another wasted day. Establish your routine- walks, working out , even t.v. time, baking, cleaning, gardening. Write it down.

Hobbies- explore them, now is the time. Hobbies are great for your mental health. There is art therapy, writing or journaling. Playing sports with your family.

Talking to your neighbors- from a far. This is always the highlight of my day. I go for walks with Lola and talk to her doggie friends owners. Our socializing has been taken away from us. This is a great way to keep socializing a live, just 6 feet away.

Online classes - doing these will make you feel like you are not wasting time. You are accomplishing something.

Workout - this has helped me so much. Your mind is shifted to only thinking about form, breathing techniques . You are in the moment

Here is a longer list of things to do : things to do when in quarantine

I say taking your mind off the anxiety because a lot of us are anxious about what is happening in the world, what will happen, when will things get back to normal. It is all situational anxiety. The fear of the unknown.

If you are anything like me I hate the unknown. When things are unknown, my mind wanders and thinks and goes in circles. These are simply some things to do to get your mind to shift focus.

Knowing you are not the only one going through this:

Like I said before this is a world problem, not just your problem. We are all having a hard time adjusting and thought this would all be resolved by now.

It is funny because I am the first to open up to my friends about how I am having such a hard time. It is only until I admit it first that they share their concerns, anxiety and how they are over evaluating their life as well. Which brings me back to the topic above of keeping your mind, and body busy.

If even before covid you had concerns about your life that is justified but if you are just randomly nitpicking then you need to occupy your time.

I want to live my life:

It sucks as the warmer weather comes around we all want to go out. Live our lives.

That is another thing I am struggling with. I want to go to the beach, see friends and sit on a patio. The new normal does not allow that. So we have to adjust to the new normal of covid and accept it.

How to still live your best life with social distancing:

Social distancing get together - I have seen so many people do this. They are in their backyards having a BBQ while standing at opposite ends of the backyard. I myself have not seen anyone during this time, but I am itching to see my friends so this is a good option.

Dinning out, but at home- create a dinner, restaurant atmosphere at home or in your backyard. Have dinner on your patio . I miss sitting at a patio and eating, so I just do it in my backyard.

Explore nature- we are now allowed to go out and explore. While practicing social distancing. Even if you are alone go out! Or take your family. There is so much to appreciate when your in nature. I go really early to be honest, to avoid the possibility of a crowd.

I know it is such a hard time right now for everyone. We are all having to reroute. You just have to get creative with figuring out a new normal that works for you in order for you to live your life to the fullest.

Finding a job during Covid-19:

This is such a struggle. I am in this boat, I have been even before covid, because of the toxic work environment I was in. It is so hard to stay positive about this because the reality is people are getting fired, companies are laying people off and companies are even closing down. The very few job postings that are up everyone is applying to, so the competition is crazy.

What goes down, must come up. The economy!

I want the economy to go back up, people to have jobs so they can feed their families. Again, its all a waiting game. The economy has gone to shiz before and recovered. It will again, its going to take time.

Staying safe, going back into society

This is another area of stress for many people. Going back to work, going to the grocery store. There is so much prep work that has to be done. You can not just walk in to a room, a retail store like you used to.

Mask check, gloves check.

Life does have to go on to a certain extent during covid. However, it is so stressful to leave your house and here is why: you do not know who has covid and is not showing symptoms, what surface has been touched by someone who has covid etc...

The worry is also other people. The people who do not take this pandemic seriously.

My only advice for this is: You can not control others, only your self. Be prepared, be educated, wear your mask and gloves. Practice social distancing.

Acceptance is key. Realizing that even though people around you are not voicing how it is effecting them, it is effecting them - start the discussion. Support one another.

If you guys do not have anyone to talk to or do and just need another ear

Let me know whats going on, how you are doing etc...

Adjusting does not happen over night, feeling better about the world does not happen over night. Sometimes I am feeling great and other days I am back to WTF ????

I know there are a lot of organizations and call centers providing free services to help with stress, anxiety due to covid-19. A simple search on your governments website will provide you will call center phone numbers and more information about that.

Here is the Canadian website : COVID-19 Resources

Right after writing this blog post I found out that Lola's doggie friend, his owners sister and her family have been in a hospital because they have covid-19. The entire family has it and has been in a Toronto hospital for a few weeks now. This is the first time that I know someone who is effected by covid-19. It is very much real, which is why social distancing is something that not only needs to be done to protect yourself but others around you.

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2020년 5월 29일

Mental health is one of my biggest concerns rn. Every time I go buy groceries and see people gathering in the streets, making long lines for beer, or something like that it drives me really mad because this could have been controlled in the first weeks if everyone stayed home. But not everybody did, and so we're still here. I battled anxiety before, but it had stayed under control for six years. Thank you for sharing this!

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Mrs and Mr Mongoose
Mrs and Mr Mongoose
2020년 5월 29일

It's not easy to stay sane lately with all this crazy situation.

But like you said we can still do our best to stay safe and make people safe while social distancing and wearing masks. Staying safe is all matters today.

And I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling to find a job. This virus really do affects everybody.




Juanita likes
Juanita likes
2020년 5월 28일

Agreed with all above, social distancing is no joke. The new normal will be in place for sometime yet and for most of us still trying to adjust to it. I can only imagine looking for work right now must be hard, so good luck.

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