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things to do when bored in quarantine

Updated: May 15, 2020

Everyone in the world is doing their self-care routine, putting a face mask on and layering up on serums. Realistically, that only kills so much time. I am sure by now your house is cleaned and organized as well. I thought it maybe helpful to share somethings to keep you busy during self isolation, social distancing, quarantine ... whatever you want to call it.

For me I have been at home longer than most, because of my work situation. If you have not heard about my traumatic work situation here is the article on that February, March Recap .

If you think you have been bored, I have been bored longer. Not that it is a competition, just saying haha..

A lot of people are still working from home which I think is great there is still something you have to get up to do everyday. For everyone else who has been laid off we have way more time on our hands. Which is when our mind starts to wander, we overthink, stress out etc...

I know I have been stressing as per what my financial situation will be, where my career will be, if I will be able to get my career to where I want it to be after COVD-19. This list is stuff to keep you busy, calm so you do not overthink and stress yourself out!

What To Do When Self Isolating

1. Routine - Establish a routine. It gives you structure just like your normal life used to have, before COVID-19. Mine is get up, make coffee sit with Lola , stretch, walk Lola yada yada... Yours can look however you want it to. Just make sure you find time to get off the couch.

2. Go Through Old Yearbooks - Dig them up and start creeping. Its great to read old messages people wrote in your yearbook. Also, to see how you looked way back when... my photos are not that great. I always did something weird to my hair and refused to smile in photos. My emo-ish phase was interesting. You can read all about my style throughout the years in My Birthday Look.

3. Take Up That Hobby - That hobby that you have been too busy to start. If it is painting, knitting whatever now is the time. Amazon is able to send you stuff you may need to get creative so start!

4. Vision Boards - Obviously, the world is paused at the moment. However, this to shall pass, so decide what you want out of life when you get out of self isolation. I also write out how I will achieve these things on my vision board. It is important to not only establish what you want in terms of: career, lifestyle, relationships etc... But how you will achieve all these things. It is a thoughtful process and a fun process. My vision board also has a bunch of photos and even my favorite quotes to motivate me.

working from home

5. Going For Walks Alone is Okay! -As long as you are 6 feet away from others there is nothing wrong with getting fresh air. In my area you are no longer aloud to be in parks, sit on park benches because of COVID-19. When I take Lola for walks, most people are respectful of the rules as to COVID-19. Go for walks, move to the side walk across the street if someone is coming your way. Trust me no one finds it rude, I have actually received a lot of smiles from people when I have done that.


6. Garden or Spend Time in Your Backyard - Gardening is known to be therapeutic. It is also a great way to feel like you accomplished something with your day. I garden with my mom, this is also a great way to spend time with your family. If gardening is not your thing, just hangout in the backyard, enjoy nature!

7. Eat Out at a Restaurant - I setup a restaurant vibe in my dining room for me and my family. I tried real hard to setup a high tea situation. This is a great way to get the family involved, to spend time with your family and get creative. You can also support local businesses, order from them and just setup a cute restaurant situation.

high tea at home

8. Go For a Picnic - In your backyard! Everything you need is in your home. Prep your meals, grab a blanket, some fairy lights, maybe even games if you want to spend time with the family.

9. Movie/ Game Night -Every family has games at home that they have not brought out in years. Bring them out put on a great film. When we do game night we also do a platter of candies, chocolates, all the good stuff that is not good for you.

10. Decorate - Revamp your bedroom, kitchen, switch things up! Making your space fun helps with having to be in it 24/7. Here is my blog post for some affordable items from IKEA to help you switch up your space.

family room decor

11. Cook and Bake - I have always been a baker, not a great cook. The more time I spend at home the more I am learning. I sit in the kitchen and watch, ask question and help out my mom. Here are some of my favorite recipes :

healthy brownie recipe

12. Did You Really Clean... What About Your Junk Drawer ??? - Lets be honest, we all have that one drawer were we shove random crap that we do not want to deal with, or cannot find a home for. I bet when you did your first clean when quarantine started you threw some stuff in that drawer. Now is the time to clean your junk drawer.

13. Photo Albums - Family photos! Go through memory lane. Maybe sit with your family and go through all of them. Talk about what you remember about the photos your looking at. You know if you sit with your parents and go through photo albums they will have some great stories to tell you.

14. Shopping??? - I know we are all tight for money. However, it is fun to put that luxury handbag in your cart. Just do not checkout ! That is what I do haha... Just add it all to your cart but do not checkout.

Here are some of the things I have had my eye on:

luxury fashion

15. Text a Friend NOT Your Ex - I saw a lot of memes about "have your texted your ex yet while in quarantine". Please don't , not a good idea. Even if you are bored and trust me I am Bored too. Texted a friend, check in on your friends, family. You can spend your time doing other things that are more beneficial like staring at the wall, binge watching Netflix, eating a bag of chips then passing out... Or just message that random hot guy your follow on Instagram. I still have not worked up the courage to do that, but this self isolation seems to no be ending anytime soon so I have time. He really cute, it hurts how cutely hot he is.

It is OKAY to have days were you watch your favorite YouTubers ALL Day and only get off the couch for food and washroom breaks. It is okay to get stressed because of the unknown, contemplate life, get into random fights with your family and all the other stuff you have been thinking, experiencing. It is normal, everyone is going through it. BUT there are lessons to be learned in this time, reconnect with your family, focus on what you can control, accept that what you feel and are going through is normal.

I know I have had such a hard time accepting that I can not control much in my life at the moment. I am one of those people that but blame on myself if my life is not going the way I want it. At the moment NO ONE IS IN CONTROL except COVID-19. It is a time to accept that you are not in control, and that is okay, but you are in control of how you use this time. It does not always have to be productive!

Anyways let me know what you guys have been doing to keep busy! Leave a comment or reach out to me on Instagram ShyyShianne

I have also spent a lot of time on Pinterest check my Pinterest out ShyyShianne

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