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my blog is a year old!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

It has been a year since I started my blog and since I started to build my Instagram ShyyShianne!

In this post I am going to outline:

Why I started ShyyShianne

How I got 7,500 followers on Instagram in under a year

How to gain more followers on Instagram

How to turn your blog an Instagram into a business and career

The struggles of blogging and Instagram

What is next for ShyyShianne

woman holding cupcake wearing a crop top

girl holding cupcake with decorations in background

Why I started ShyyShianne

I always had a hard time picking a career path because I had so many interests. From baking, cooking,fashion, beauty, home decor, event planning to being a dog mom, it has been hard to pick which to pursue as a career. I get that I cannot be a full-time dog mom, however that would be the best job haha..

While I was at work my only friend at work told me to start a blog. She said you have such a high following on Instagram (3,000 followers). At that time a few months prior I started taking Instagram more seriously. Posting pretty photos but not intending to turn it into a business. At the time I was not happy with my current job, ya it was in my field but it did not fulfill all my passions. My employers were toxic, I knew I did not want to be there forever. I thought that meant looking for a new job, which it does but blogging also helped me to take my mind off of the toxic workplace.

So me and my friend created a list of topics I could cover, a colour scheme and theme for the blog and some topics for my first few blog posts.

Here are some of my favorite blog posts :

I was nervous to start because I have a habit of starting something that is a side hustle and not continuing with it. This felt different though. I was doing it as a hobby, not to make money. I think that is the real secret to longevity in your career, if it is blogging or an office job or whatever, you have to love what you do to have a long career that keeps you excited.

how to style a cardigan

How I got 7,500 followers on Instagram in under a year

How to gain more followers on Instagram

Before taking Instagram seriously I already had a few thousand followers. I gained followers because I engaged with other accounts.

What do I mean by engaging ?

Commenting on others photos, liking photos, direct messaging strangers. I do not mean leaving a few emojis on peoples photos. I mean starting a conversation!

I started doing this with no intention of growing my Instagram account. Lola was a puppy and she was very sick. For months she would spend nights throwing up, having diarrhea. I was in school full-time and working. I got no sleep during those months so I would stay up and kill time talking to people from around the world.

I would spend 3 hours a day on Instagram. Engaging with others.

I am not saying you have to do this. I know it is a bit much but that is how I got to were I am today.

When is the best time to Post on Instagram?

Check your analytics, this is something you have if your account is a business or creator account. Also, play around with the timing of when you post photos. Sometimes you get a better idea of when your followers are online when you play around with your post timing.

I posted content everyday ! People do say you do not have to do this and after playing around with my account its true! However, I love to create content so I still try to post everyday. You should post a minimum of three times a week. If you do do that make sure to be posting on your stories everyday!

I take all of my own photos, here is the equipment I use to take my own photos

blue outfit ideas, cafe photo, watches , coffee

How to turn your blog an Instagram into a business and career

Screw followers, build relationships

This is something I am trying to do more of. I think I got too focused on followers. I forgot to build relationships with my followers and that is what matters. That is how I gained my followers to begin with.

When you build relationships it creates trust. If you are promoting a product people are more likely to buy from you because they trust you . TRUST IS EVERYTHING.

How to get Business deals

Paid ads, sponsored posts and free stuff...

A lot of my favorite bloggers said they did not start getting this until 3-4 years after starting their blog. Patience and Consistency is key!

I am often hard on myself because of this. I have only had my blog for a year. After 6 months companies started reaching out to me to give me products and 11 months into blogging I got my first paid ad. I expect to be at the level of other bloggers who have been doing this for years however I have accomplished this in months! SO be appreciative of all that you have accomplished big or small ! ... don't be like me and be hard on yourself.

A lot of companies will find you and reach out to you. You can also reach out to companies by finding their PR or Marketing teams e-mail online. It is a business so be professional and create a MEDIA KIT! - a resume for your account.

selfie in the mirror with flowers

The struggles of blogging and Instagram


You are essentially an entrepreneur, no 9-5. You will cry, I have cried, I have lost followers and gained then lost. It is up and down.

I have been shadow banned .. Instagram is the worst for this. They shadow ban legitimate accounts all the time, so if this happens do not freak out - which I often do! It is just an insult to my work ethic...but whatever ...

Shadow Banned - means Instagram thinks you are paying for likes, comments , followers. DO NOT DO THIS . It will not help you to build a business. If you do not pay for likes etc.. and get shadow banned it is because you over engaged that day! - something I do a lot :(

I have to get better at not over engaging. Instagram allows you to like and comment only a few times per hour. If you go over that it bans you. So be aware of how much you engage!!

Blogging its hard to drive traffic to your blog. Everything is all about Youtube, but I love to write so I stick to it. Even though my spelling and grammar suck haha...

Pinterest plays a part in driving traffic to your blog. Post on there to drive traffic to your blog. Also, promote your posts on your Instagram account and stories.

What is next for ShyyShianne

To keep going!

I want to get involved with more companies and products I love. I only promote or work with companies I love and can stand behind.

I also want to drive more traffic to my blog. Reach 10,000 followers would be amazing! BUT most importantly to build relationships with my followers and new followers. I have talked to some amazing people on Instagram.

I like to slide into peoples dm's and when they slide into mine. Those relationships are the best and supporting one another - that is why I started this journey and I want to get back to doing that more !

some of my favorites this month

you guys love my handbags! so here are some of my favorite designer handbags and affordable handbags -

woman in bathtub filled with balloons

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Congrats! Always nice to celebrate your blog's anniversary!

Zoey |


Exquisitely Me
Exquisitely Me

Happy birthday to your blog! One year is a great milestone and sets the path for additional years to come! Keep it up with the great work!

Nancy ✨ <a href=""></a>


Jess Ling
Jess Ling

Happy Birthday and Congrats 1 Year anniversary! can't wait for more coming xx

Jess xx



Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge

Congrats on the your anniversary and on the growth of your Insta. That's dedication!


Ashley White
Ashley White

Happy 1 year blog birthday, babe! Cheers to many more!


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