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Pinterest worthy home organization

I have been on a home organization kick lately! I see photos on Pinterest, on Instagram of people getting their homes professionally organized. There is also a show on Netflix about a company that goes into homes to organize!

It is just so appealing visually and it's functional!

I always wanted to organize my space to provide more room, efficiency - so I am not scrambling to find things when I have a busy day, and so I am not getting frustrated, then making a mess looking for what I need. Also, if I can see it I will use it! I know with beauty products if I do not see them, I forget about them, they expire, and it's wasted product and money!

I also believe you do not need to hire someone to organize your space. It is so easy to do it yourself. I also believe you can get that Pinterest worthy home organization while on a budget. You do not need to break the bank to have an organized, functional, and practical space.

Makeup Storage Ideas

The way I organize my makeup is by using a rolling cart with drawers. Each drawer contains different products.

makeup guru storage

acrylic makeup holder

Within each drawer, I have acrylic containers. Each container holds a different type of product. Highlighters will be in one, eyeliners in another container, mascara in another container, etc...

It just makes it easier in the mornings especially before work or if you are getting ready for an event. Nothing is rolling around in the drawers and you not hunting for that one product you love. I really enjoy putting on makeup, it is fun and relaxing for me, what is not relaxing is when I used to get so frustrated trying to find my favorite product, I have no patience haha...

acrylic lipstick holder

These acrylic lipstick holders were actually my first purchase off of Amazon ever! I bought one loved them so much that I bought another one. Well, I also bought more lipsticks and needed more storage haha...

For More on how I organize my makeup-

My Blog Post on My Makeup Storage Ideas ->>> Makeup Storage

I go through how I organize each drawer to make my morning makeup routine more easy!

Clothing Racks and Closet Organization

Clothing racks

Clothing racks are a fun way to organize your clothes. I use mine to showcase clothes I have not worn as much. I also use it when I am styling for Instagram photos. It is a great way to also style your space! It can definably add to the room decor. You can style it with handbags, shoes even by adding photo prints in frames on the racks!

Closet Organization

I use bins to put my scarfs, hats, gloves - I live in Canada so I have so many of these. I also use them for my wallets and clutches. I am still able to see everything in them even though I use wicker bins. There are also clear acrylic bins that can use if you want to see through the container.

Hangers. I love and swear by these black velvet hangers. They are so thin which means you can fit more in your closet. Also, the velvet prevents blouses and tops from slipping off the hangers. This means you can cut those weird stringy things off your tops. You know the ones that are meant to wrap around your hanger to keep them from sliding off- ya no need for those anymore!

Also, anytime I am wearing a top with that they always show and ruin my OOTD.. which I am not happy about haha...

For more about my bedroom -

My Blog Post on my Bedroom Decor->>>> My Bedroom Decor

I have all the links to my bedroom decor and tips on how you can find your decor style on a budget!

Accessory Organization


I use this three-tier black velvet bracelet rack to store all my bracelets. I put a lot of bangles and chain bracelets on it, but it can also fit watches depending on how thin your wrist is.

Earring rack

My earring were all in a jewelry box. I could not see them, so I never wore them because I forgot about them! I bought this earring holder from Amazon. I can now see all my statement earrings. I also wear them more often now. It also makes my vanity look great, it helps to style my vanity, it is like its own décor piece!

earring holder from amazon


I bought this ring box that has a clear top. I wanted one with a clear top so I could see all my rings. Again if I can not see it I forget about it, then I buy more stuff that I do not need!

Anyways, before it was all in a bowl on my counter. It was a mess of metal in a bowl. I also would make a mess of it on the counter and was worried I would lose something. Also worried I would drop a ring on the floor and vacuum it up!

So I am really happy with this purchase. I am less stressed about losing my pieces. I can see it and again it just looks so pretty on my vanity.

ring storage from amazon

Bathroom Organization

I have under the counter storage issues because of the sink. However, this item is my favorite because it adjusts so that no space is wasted. I use this and bins under my sink as storage. I use it for cleaning products and hair products. My mum actually bought this for me!

I used to have a messy countertop. Products spread all over the place, no room and I would always be knocking things over. I got this acrylic shelf, finally decided to buy it and it is the best Amazon purchase I have made in a long time. Even my mum said it is the best purchase I have made haha...

It just clears up so much counter space. I can see all my products which means I will remember to use them all! There is nothing worse than buying beauty products, having them expire, and wasting your money because you forgot to use them. This acrylic shelf also makes my morning routine so much easier. I know where everything is, I am not scrambling wasting time looking for anything.

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Ashley Burchett
Ashley Burchett
Jan 25, 2021

Thanks so much for sharing such helpful organizing tips, friend! I love Pinterest as well and I gain so many neat ideas from there.

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Mar 12, 2021
Replying to

Pinterest is the best !!! Such simple fun ideas :)


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