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my bedroom decor

I get so many questions and comments about my bedroom decor. Even if I post an OOTD you guys will leave comments on that Instagram photo saying " omg I love your bedroom decor", "your bedroom is so cute", ''I love your bedding" etc...


I have always since I was young changed up my room. I would buy thing, DIY, rearrange the furniture, paint etc... This was all before I know what career I wanted to pursue. I have gone to school for Interior decorating. It is funny how things come full circle like that. I never knew when I was a kid that me changing my room decor would result in me having a passion for Interior Decorating. I also went to school for Event Planning. Which I also love to do. Basically, anything that involves me planning, having organizational skills and requires me to make things pretty I love to do and have a passion for.

I added links as to where I bought everything. I also sourced sites that are both shipping to Canada and the US . I know I have a following in both countries <3 So if you see two of one product that is because one is for Canadians and one is for US- some companies do not ship to the other.

bedroom decor pink and lack

Pick a Base Colour

This last room re-do is my favorite. It speaks to my personality. That is what your bedroom should look like. It should look like you! It should also be a place that once you are done with the day you can relax and feel at home.

I love the colour black, but also like the colour pink. To mix both can look a little punch rock, like Avril Lavigne. Who remembers Avril Lavigne???

In order to prevent that I used white as a base colour.

DESIGN TIP -White is a great base and never goes out of style. If you ever feel like changing your decor in the future white is a great base to add a new aesthetic.

My key pieces that are investments are white. Like good quality duvet.

gold lamp and kate spade jewelry

How to find you Interior Decor Style

It can take a while to figure out your design style. It took me forever to figure out what my decor style was. Pinterest was a great help. It helps you to organize what you like and then you can look back at your board and you will find a common theme.

I do not believe I have one style. I am not modern, contemporary or traditional. You can be a mix, you do not have to fit into one box. Design is art and art has not rules.

Check out my HOME DECOR BOARDS -> ShyyShianne

My Bedroom Decor

My room took a while for me to do. Mainly because of sourcing the pillows, bed covering, painting, mirrors , rugs I wanted. I like to stay on budget, not spend to much on accent pillows, mirrors etc.. Because I don't know when I am going to want to change up my room again.

DESIGN TIP- do not over spend on decor accessories . When you get bored or through the sessions you can always switch this up to change your space.

DESIGN TIP- DO invest in good quality furniture that is not a statement pieces. By statement piece I mean a crazy coloured chair.

paris style

Pink accent chair ->

Pink accent table-> I thrifted mine. It was brown and I painted it pink. Here are some options of a pink accent table ->

My bed frame is a good quality basic colour. This was if I ever want to change my bedroom theme to blue I do not have to worry about it clashing. If my bed frame was pink it would be harder to change my decor to blue.

My pillows are my colour scheme. Accent pillows are a great easy, cheap way to change your space, add colour. add patterns and add texture. I use different textures to add dimension to the space so it does not look flat. I also use three colours - pink, black and white because colours look better in odd numbers.

My duvet set is a pitched duvet set. It is a classic duvet set. This makes it easy to change up the rest of my room and I do not have to worry about replacing my bedding.Bedding is something good to invest in. My sheets also match my decor. I have two sets: the first is white with black polka dots and the second is white with pink polka dots. I just thought it was a great way to tie it all together.

red accent table

My red accent table with the glass drawers... I probably should of cleaned up the inside of the drawers before I took the photo but ... I was lazy.

I know this doesn't match the room completely. I do not like match matchy, this helps to break up the room. It is not a crazy out there colour, but it is one shade down from pink.

ciate london nail polish

interior decor accessories

Home decor accessories. I added a metal - gold to help add warmth. Gold unlike silver is a warmer tone. I used trays to bring in this metal. These trays I sound at the thrift store but I linked similar ones.

I also carried on with the colour scheme and added accent pieces that has touches of those colours. I add my own personal touch by making my own art. I made the painting above my bed and the motivational words I also painted those. I added clean, solid colour frames so it does not look like too much colour.

I also add colour by using my everyday products, food or things I have around the house. Candy jars, nail polishes are a great way to add colour. I spent a lot of time sourcing these glass candy jars. I really like Khloe Kardashians famous cookie jars. However, those big jars are so expensive and they also do not suit a bedroom. So I went for candy glass jars that are smaller. I used them to display more than just candy. You can also use them in your washroom to store bath salts, q-tips.

iron clothing rack

My rolling rack. I get so many questions on this. I have been waiting for a year for it to come back in stock and they keep delaying the date! I will still link it and other options. I think a rolling rack is a great way for you to add colour to your space by how you style it! You can also put clothing, handbags and shoes on there that you have to wear more. I know a lot of my clothes get lost in my closet. A clothing rack will help you to remember to wear those pieces... also you wont feel the need to go shopping. I feel like most of the time I say " I have nothing to wear" but really I just can not see it in my closet.

Speaking of organization I posted up a blog post of my makeup storage. You guys really loved that and left me a bunch of comments on that post so thank you!

here is the post -> My Makeup Storage

For more interior design tips here are my previous posts ->

iron clothing rack with clothing on it

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Elegant Duchess
Elegant Duchess
Aug 16, 2020

Picking the base should definitely be the starting point. I love so many pieces you listed, especially beige and blush pink furniture xx

Elegant Duchess xx


Aug 12, 2020

You have a lovely bedroom


Juanita likes
Juanita likes
Aug 11, 2020

The pink chair is real cute and is the sweet jars. I also love the rolling rack too. I hope you are doing well : ) xo


Anika May
Anika May
Aug 10, 2020

I love the colour scheme! And the pink chair is so cute, I really want one now!

Anika |


Brianna Wilde
Brianna Wilde
Aug 10, 2020

Pretty room indeed! And I love the little painting above the bed wall!


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