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woman's birthday gift guide -affordable and luxury

Growing up my mom always threw me these amazing, thoughtful, well planned birthday party's. Everything from the invitations, to crafts and activities and party favors were prepared by her. Thinking about it now maybe that is why I went into event planning. 

As I got older for some reason I started hating my birthday. I do not think it was the fact that I was getting older but more so the fact that I put so much pressure on myself to achieve things. On my birthday I always reflect on my accomplishments but also think about what I have yet to accomplish.  This is something I have always beaten myself up about. I need to start giving myself credit for how far I have come and what I have accomplished in the 25 years on Earth. I also need to recognize that what I beat myself up about I will accomplish in due time. Things take time and patience is key... I have a really hard time with being patient to be honest.


I also believe I do not enjoy my birthday because I am not one for having all the attention on me. I always get weirded out when people sing me "Happy Birthday".  I am not a fan of everyone's eyes being on me in that moment. Plus, the pressure to blow out all the candles at once- that is too much pressure hahah... As I get older I also find it hard to figure out what I want for my Birthday gifts. I feel the older I get if I need something or want something I just go and buy it. It is not like when I was younger and would have to wait for my Birthday or Christmas. Which honestly takes away from the excitement from my Birthday and the Holidays. This year I am trying not to buy anything! To save my money, because the "Treat Your Self" mentality has gone on for far too long! 

When asking for gifts ( which I never do) I ask for affordable items. I feel weird asking people for luxury name brands. If I was to ask for a luxury purse, or any luxury item I would get a few of my family members to pitch in on one item, along with myself pitching in money. 

With that being said I thought it would be a fun idea to create two gift guides.

One Affordable Birthday Gift Guide for Her. The other A Luxury Birthday Gift Guide for Her I highly doubt I will be receiving anything from the  Luxury Birthday Gift Guide for Her but let a girl dream haha..

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