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80's vibe- outfit under $30

I have no distinct style I love a little something, something from every era.

I found this metallic bag at the thrift store. The thrift store is always a go to for me to find unique one of a kind pieces. The earrings are my mums from the 80's! She was cleaning out her closet and was going to throw them away so I saved them for myself. I love hand-me-downs, free clothing and accessories definitely help your bank account :)

Because it is not the 80's I did not go full out 80's. I kept it simple with a white dress from Urban Planet and added my 80's Vibe accessories.

Dress - $10 #upbabae #urbanplanet - urban planet

Shoes - $15 #upbabae #urbanplanet - urban planet

Bag -$3 thrift store -talize

Earrings- my mums from the 80's !

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