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birthday decor

I HATE MY BIRTHDAY. I always have. I like to be left alone when it is my birthday, just give me my  presents and cake and leave me alone haha.. I am being serious though. 

I do not know why but I hate the attention. Weird considering I post so much on Instagram and on my blog about my self, and I also share so many photos of myself too. 

The one thing I do enjoy besides the presents and cake. Is planning the event decorations. I am an event planner so anytime I can use my creativity and do what I want in terms of creativity I am all for that! 

I took to Pinterest to figure out what colour scheme I wanted to go for. I basically went with my favorite colour scheme : blush pink, gold, and white. Surprise that is the colour scheme of my room. I guess I am sticking to what I know best.  Pinterest is the best in terms of finding inspiration and staying organized.

*Tip: How to find your style? Pin it all! If you do not know what you like in terms of event decor, home decor or even fashion, pin whatever you like. Pin it to a board and after you are done pinning a few photos look at your board and you will find a conman theme in all of your Pins. That will give you a better sense of direction when it comes to your personal taste and style. 

Check Out My Pinterest : ShyyShianne 

I also love to bake so I wanted to make a sweet table infused with a dessert table.  I made a few treats and displayed them on my dessert table. I have always loved acrylic decorative jars that are filled with candies. It is such a great way to add colour in a fun way to your home decor or event. Does anyone remember when Khloe Kardashian first displayed her famous Oreo cookie jar?  

*Tip : If you are not a baker, buy from your local bakery or grocery store and add sprinkles, frosting to make it match your theme! This is a perfect tip for busy moms as well. 

I am all about saving your money. I always source out products before I buy anything. I have found in terms of decorations for events Amazon is the cheapest. However, some times they will have the same item at different price points. 

*Tip: Add it all top your cart! Yep I said it, add it all but do not check out yet. If you see the same item at different price points add them all. At the end go through your cart to see what is of better value and then make cuts. 

Here is The Link for The Decorations I Used: Pink  it was ONLY $18

There is also the dollar store which is great for tablecloths, napkins, plates and balloons.

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Kathrine Eldridge
Kathrine Eldridge
12 de mar. de 2020

That cake looks delicious! Happy Birthday!

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