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what life has taught me

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

What Life Has Taught Me! 

I am 25 years old. Which means I am 5 years away from being 30! That is scary! I always joke about how old I am, because I have really bad knees and can never sleep. However, I do know I am still young. Young but wise

Life has thrown a lot my ways in the 25 years that I have been on this Earth. I have gone through a lot in all aspect of my life. I have taken the time to reflect and retrieve each lesson each situation has taught me. I have learned to evolve for the better and take these lessons with me through out my day-to-day life.  

summers in Toronto

1.Birds of a feather flock together

I always say this! Who you hangout with is who you will become. Also, who your boyfriend hangout with is a reflection of them! 

2.No excuses

I have always been the type of person to work for what I want. That is when I actually know what I want haha.. The only time I think someone should be complaining about not achieving something is while they are working towards it. HUSTLE! Your not seeing results, HUSTLE HARDER! 

Kris Jenner said this: If you ask and you hear "no", your not asking the right people. 

3.Your net worth is your network 

Socialize, network! Keep like minded people around you, people who want to help you and build you up! People know people who know people. The more honest connections the better. 

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4.Work on you for you

Keep your mind, body and soul healthy and happy! Journal, go to the gym, go to sleep on time. Schedule you time. You spend the most time with you, you want to be happy in the body you are in. If you are like me and are creative and always in your own head you want it to be a happy place. Self care is important to maintain that. 

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                                                                                     Own Your Story 

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5.Toxic people are not your responsibility to fix

I used to be in a relationship that was toxic. I always felt the need to help, to fix, to take care of him. Even when things were going good, he would make a problem so I would give him more attention. However, when I needed help, opened up about my struggles- it was ignored. He brushed me to the side and created more problem assuming once again I would step in . You are no ones mother, you are not there to fix anyone. If you are fixing someone who is broken you will get cut on their shattered pieces. Not to saying helping people is wrong but be aware of the fine line of helping someone and someone holding power over you.

6.Stop to smell the roses, enjoy the moment

We are so go go go! Work, school, friends, family, doggie mom, relationships. It is a lot to manage, which is why self care is important. However, being in the moment is so good! Take the time to look around, really listen to the people around you and be in the moment. 

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7.I didn't come because I didn't want to

Your time is your money. You wont get it back. If you do not want to go, then don't. Spend your time doing things you love and that fill your soul. Spend time with people of value. 

8.Set boundaries

I had to do this at work. People were taking advantage of me and I had to pull back with my actions to show them I was not putting up with that. Some times you do not have to verbalize your boundaries, you can set them with your actions. 

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9.There are still nice people out there

I watch the news, I live my day-to-day life and I see and experience some not so nice people. You can find good people through my time blogging I have talked to so many nice, motivating people.Even in the news, their are good people doing good things. It just gets barred deep down by all the bad. Also, the simplicity of someone holding a door open for me excites me haha...

dog mom canada

10.Put it on your vision board, dream it, work for it and do not stop

I was introduced to this method in 2006, also introduced to The Secret. I have ever since followed this. Created a vision board and worked for what I wanted. To visualize what you want, see it everyday makes you remember what you are working toward. To see it makes it seem more achievable. ​

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11.Fear is disguised as practically

Jim Carrey said this and I could not agree more! Often in the last year I did not do thing because it was not practical, it was not a sure thing, it may not work etc... That was pure fear making again those excuses is just you holding you back. Fight through that! 

12.Chase you passion, not money

Chase you passion and the money will follow. So many times I have started weird business, that I never cared for or had a passion for. I did that because everyone in my family said "now is your time to make money, sell something, do something". Things only succeed if you educate yourself on them, and have passion to drive it. Money is not the end all be all. 

13.Failure will not overcome me so long as my will to succeed is stronger

I found this quote when I was in high school and have kept it in my phone ever since. You have to push through the failure, you maybe one failure away from achieving your goal! 

14. It was time to accept the simple truth that everything would be okay

My grade 12 high school teacher gave me this quote and I have kept it in my phone ever since. I worry a lot, think a lot, I am in my head a lot. I have learned what is your will be your, what is not meant will leave your life, to make room for better. 

15.Love your self

It is funny because an ex said this to me once: you have to love your self Shianne, and I was like of course I do! I did not know what to love your self meant at that moment. I then would get into another relationship that proved I did not love myself. I was accepting way less than what I deserved, I did not know my value and I did not know what I brought to the table. You have to know who you are, what you want, where you want to go in life - in order to love yourself and to not accept less than what you deserve. 

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Radostina Blagoeva
Radostina Blagoeva
05 mar 2020

Lovely said. I'm soon to turn 29! I'm even closer to 30 haahaha!

Me gusta

Mrs and Mr Mongoose
Mrs and Mr Mongoose
04 mar 2020

Such great lessons here ! I'm all about living the moment too. We only have one life.

No time to waste.



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Hello Bexa
Hello Bexa
03 mar 2020

These are great lessons, I especially like 'enjoy the moment'. That is so true, life can get so busy, we need to slow down and appreciate what is going on around us. Thank you for sharing! <3 xx

Bexa |

Me gusta
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