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July recap

When you have no job (technically) all the months kinda become one. It gets really hard to remember what I have done through out the month. Normally if I had this much time on my hands I would be out and about. Exploring Toronto, walking the streets, going to restaurants, going in and out of cute shops.I would also be taking Lola on more hikes, walking through town, talking to strangers. Covid has me hesitant to do so. I know I can control my actions, social distance and wear a mask. I can not control what other people do and do not do.

My Blog is listed as 1 of the TOP 60 CANADIAN LIFESTYLE BLOGGERS to follow

Here is the link to check the article out -> FeedSpot

This was so exciting for me to get the email saying my blog is one of the top Canadian blogs to follow. I am not number one... I am 58 haha.. BUT still that fact that I made the list makes me so happy. I have only been blogging for a year so it means so much that FeedSpot recognized my efforst and work. This list has some of my favouite bloggers that I have been following way before I started blogging. I also used to read this list on FeedSpot before I started my blog. I feel like I have come full circle!

My Blog Turned a Year Old

An amazing thing that happened this month is my blog turned a year old!

I wrote a blog post which you can read here -> My blog is a year old

I talk about:

How I gained followers on Instagram

How I turned my social media into a business, how to get paid ads, how to get free thing

and most importantly how to build a brand!

woman holding a cupcake in a white crop top

SHOP MY WHITE CROP TOP and my other favorite crop tops ->

keep swiping for a really cute polka dot crop top :)

I also got a really great response and sweet messages from all you about my Makeup Storage Blog post! So happy you all loved that blog post !

I shared all my makeup storage ideas, all the acrylic containers I use, lipstick holders, brush holders. They are all storage containers that are cute, effective and have lasted me a long time.

Here is the blog post -> My Makeup Storage

I linked all the organizational tools, store I use in the blog post.

makeup storage and pink accent chair


Lets Talk Corona Virus

how covid has effected me and people I know

It concerns me when people think Covid is not real or serious. I have talked to multiple people who have had Covid or has a family member who has been effect by corona virus.

My two neighbors have had the virus, lucky recovered.

One of Lola's doggie friends owners works at a nursing home. She had covid really badly. She was quarantined in her room for weeks, she thought she was going to die. She had a hard time breathing, fever, sore throat, cough, her entire body was in pain. She also recovered,but told me she did not think she would. It was the most painful thing she has gone through, she was so scared and honestly did not think she would make it out alive.

She worked at a nursing home that had to have the military come in because there was an outbreak of covid. She has not gone back to work yet. I confided in her how much I miss working and she said it is not worth it. The best thing people can do is limit socializing and being around people during this time.

That is why I am nervous to go out and live my life. I do not find it hard to wear a mask not just for my safety, but for others safety. I wear a face mask for the pregnant woman, for elderly people, for children, for everyone's safety.

I know I lost about 100 followers on my Instagram because I have post black lives matter and about wearing a face mask. It is what it is.

Patio Session

My first time going out! Me and my friend decided to go to a roof top patio. For the most part it was okay. However, people walking the streets, and there where a lot of people - no one was wearing a face mask. I was the only one. In the restaurant some of the servers were wearing a mask, some were not. Yes they were distancing but if you are holding food you are supposed to be wearing a mask. The overall experience was fine. I was nervous as hell going out.

It was so good to see a friend. The first person I have seen since March.

There is not as much to catch up on when you are home bound. No dating stories to share, no this happened to me at work etc.. topics to talk about. However, it was a much needed girls day.

As we left the restaurant again no one was wearing a face mask . I finally saw two other people wearing one.

fish tacos

Job Hunting During Covid-19


That sums it up.

It is crazy how much more competitive it is. It is understandable but I am used to applying for a job I want getting an interview and getting hired. The process is so much more delayed. Employers are not getting back to you as fast. They post a job and do not do interviews until weeks later.

I have had a few interviews with a big company. They stated the description of the job, which I read. When I got on the phone with them it was the opposite, and I realized it was a position were you do the most, get paid the least. It was a job where you go from store to store to merchandise. Some times they fly you, the lady said depending on covid they would fly me around. I would work 10p.m. - 5 a.m. and get paid minimum wage. To me that is not worth it. They also said I would not know my schedule until a few days before.

The late night shifts, they pay, being put on a plane during covid - none of that was in the description. I feel like some employers are trying to take advantage during this time knowing people need a income.

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Aug 08, 2020

Also, I want to say you have a great body and keep growing you. This is a lovely blog and thank you for sharing with us.


Aug 08, 2020

Congratulations to you.

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Exquisitely Me
Exquisitely Me
Aug 08, 2020

It is great that you're taking advantage to explore around town. Congratulations on being listed in Feedspot and one year milestone. I can't believe people are getting mad over posting BLM and face masks. These are social issues we need to talk about!

Nancy ✨ <a href=""></a>


Aug 05, 2020

Followers are such a crazy thing! Everything is about politics now, and that is sad. I lost followers because I posted a story saying that a true prolifer would do anything to protect a life, including wearing a mask and staying at home. Anyway, I hope you and your loved ones stay safe.


Aug 04, 2020

Happy blog anniversary! Covid has made life much scarier for people with health issues and for the health care workers who face the front lines every day. As you mentioned life at home with no school/work has become dull and when talking to others there is nothing new to say.

Stay safe

Loren |

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