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Must have beachwear fashion and resort style

What I packed when I went to Mexico Cancun in terms of beachwear, and resort wear. I had to do a major shein haul. I found a lot of great shein finds.

Beach fashion, summer fashion, call it what you want too, call it what you want too singing Taylor Swift lyrics... If you know you know lol


In Canada summer lasts 2 minutes so I don't like to invest in too many summer pieces. However, this year we booked a vacation to Mexico!

I have been wearing the same swimsuits since highschool, it's long overdue for a wardrobe refresh.

I like to but some basic, colour wise and cuts. Items that I know that I won't get bored of. I also want to be the fun bish that wears a hot pink number! .... I always say that and never can talk myself into truely being that bish. I thought Mexico would be a fun place to try to be that bish. I mean it's packed in my suitcase,it's all I have so I am basically forcing myself to wear it lol .

Here is what I packed for Mexico for the beach:


I literally have not bought a swimsuit since high school. I was in dying need of some new ones just because of normal wear. Also, I would just like to point out my butt got bigger so the bottoms of my old swimsuits were tight! - yes I am happy about having a slightly bigger butt!

... but it could also be because I have worn, washed them so much they have shrunk but I would like to believe my butt just got bigger so I am going with that !

I never have fun with colours, especially if it is something I will not be wearing often like swimsuits. For basics I like black, I always love a good black swim suit. I still bough a few, however I thought it would be fun to include some hot pink swimwear and violet. Summer is defiantly a time to play with colour so I thought this would be a fun time to just go for it.

The swimsuits I bought:

Love that they are true to size, fit perfect, super comfortable as well.

Other swimsuits in my cart:


I only had one.. I bought a black swimsuit cover up and a white one as well. I think black and white are just so universal, they will go well with any swimsuit.

I also light to use light weight button up shirts or blouses. Anything cotton and breathable will do. It also just looks more like an outfit when you are going back to the resort, hotel etc..

Cute jean shorts, bikini and a nice button-up that's a vibe!

Swimsuit coverups:

Blouses as swimsuit cover ups:

Beachwear sets

These sets can be warn throughout the summer. They are super cute, no fuss fashion, easy to throw on and look put together. You can also mix and match, you don't have to wear it as a set.



For the first time I bought beach bags! I love this mesh black one, but I also love all the other ones I have included. If you know me I will throw money down if it is for a bag it will always be my obsession!

This bag definitely fits a lot!


I love these, I bought them in both colours! They have great coverage, just enough to shade you, and look chic.


Sandles, and slides I am not really a fan of for everyday wear. However, these are great because you can wear them to the beach and then out to dinner later. These are great if you are trying to pack light.

I also included some scrappy heeled sandals because I am obsessed with them as of last year!

I will be posting another blog all about what I packed, and how I styled my outfits!

The Jewelry I Wore to the Beach

I like to pack jewelry that goes with each outfit. This way I can make the most of the selected pieces I bring. some great gold hoops, and diamond earrings. Dainty necklaces that can be layered. I do throw in a statement necklace as well.

I have a jewelry line that I have curated a bunch of great, unique pieces that are easy to layer or wear on its own. I have started carrying tarnish free jewelry as well which was great for being in the water all day.

Check out the full collect here ->>Sweet and Spicy Jewls


Jelena Dimić
Jelena Dimić
Apr 29, 2023

I agree, those are absolute must haves for summer, love everything you showed! Especially the beach bags, I really need a new one. <3


Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
Apr 24, 2023

I love the purple swimsuit and this entire haul! I need a coverup, so I'll definitely check into these! :) Make Life Marvelous - A Lifestyle Blog


Heather Noire
Heather Noire
Apr 23, 2023

I love the accessories and the coverup is lovely as well. The bathing suits are such pretty colours.


Apr 23, 2023

You look amazing

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