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It's time for a life edit - how to manifest your 2024

You know I love to reflect on the life, especially toward the end of the year. I love to start planning, treating and manifesting for the new year to come.

I know ever currently everyone is super busy with the holiday season but save this post for a little later on in the month!

Most of the time when I do these posts I call it my plan for the new year, reevaluating. However, everyone nowadays is calling it a " life edit" so that's what I'm going to roll with let's just call it a life at it. To be honest when you get to a certain age it kind of is a life edit because you have an established career, certain things that you're happy with or stable with and there's just certain things that need to be edited well the main core of your life is pretty solid. At least that's where I am at in my life!

So let's get into it!

What is the life edit to me:

I'm a big fan of reflecting, evaluating, manifesting, planning your future. It's looking at what has worked in your life and what has not. And that includes all aspects of your life family, friends, work ,personal, growth, health .... Whatever you find important in your life.

Steps to have a successful life edit:


Asking yourself questions that you feel would help you to understand where you are presently. But also ask yourself questions to create an honest dialogue with yourself. The life edit is about understanding areas in your life that make you feel a certain way, that you can improve on, that you want to grow in or progressing.

Some questions may include:

what in my life do I love?

what makes me happy?

What do I want more of in this area of my life?

What feels overwhelming?

Do I feel any blocks keeping me from achieving my goals?

What do I want to introduce more of?

What can I leave in 2023?

How do the people around me make me feel?

How do I feel of my finaces?

I always suggest writing these questions out and answering them on a piece of paper. That way you can always go back to reflect on it you may even develop certain feelings or a certain understanding after the fact and you can go back to add on it.

2. Make a plan!

After you have answered questions about certain aspects of your life it's time to make a plan! Making a plan will look different for everyone based on your needs, your wants, and what aspect of your life you plan on editing.

I know personally there are a few areas of my life that I do want to work on and edit.

Again I highly suggest writing it out or journaling about ways to make a plan and achieve your goal.

An example could be:


You're not happy about your finances

Plan could be:

sitting down in the beginning of the year and making a budget. Using Excel to categorize all aspects of your life the money coming in and the money going out. And each month assessing how you've done for that month.

Another example could be:

Reflection: Having a positive mindset

Plan could be :

In the morning before you leave the house listing three things that you are grateful for. And making sure you journal before bed!

3. Give it time, be consistent

Just like all great things things take time. You have to be patient with yourself habits do not become habits overnight. Goals don't get achieved overnight. Manifesting your dreams don't happen overnight either.

Everyone wants something different out of life and that's the beauty of life. Everyone is more than capable of having a happy life I truly believe it is mindset. That's why these life edits are so important to reflect and realize and grow.

Tip: have monthly check-ins with yourself to see if you're on track, sometimes you get so busy we forget about our personal goals.

A life that it is something to help with your overall self-care and well-being. It's also great to use in terms of your career and personal growth as well.

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