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May Recap

OHHH MY GOD.... so another month has passed.Here is my-> April Recap if you missed it!

I thought while being in self-isolation, quarantine, time would be going by much slower. It is going by so fast and it is kinda scary. I was hoping COVID-19 would be done and over by now. I know that is so not realistic, but it is what everyone has been wishing for. I feel like this year is almost a write-off.

I am trying to make the most of this time at home, just like everyone else. It is funny that even though I am not out and about there are still some things going on in my life. So, here is my Recap for May:

indian blogger

What I am Doing in Quarantine

I am trying to have a routine.

6 a.m - I wake up , eat breakfast and sit with Lola

7 a.m. - I workout. I love MadFit her youtube channel is amazing

8 a.m. - I stretch and then shower

9 a.m - I walk Miss. Lola. I find that people in my area and a lot nicer since COVID. I would always smile and be the first to strike up a conversation. However, now others are striking up conversations with me first. We are all still keeping a distance. It is nice to see people being nice :)

10 a.m. - I bake here are some of my recipes:

banana bread recipe

Then if it is nice out I spend it outside with Lola and the family. The rest of the day is whatever needs to get done that day. If I need to make content for the blog, write a post I do that. I try to spend rainy days doing computer work. The weather has been crazy!

I have also been watching a lot of reruns of Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

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What I am Thinking During Quarantine

I think we are all thinking a lot more during this time. Which could be a good thing and a bad thing if we let our thoughts consume us. I am trying to let go of control. This is a time when no one has control of their future. In regards to career moves, weddings, graduations etc...

Everything is up in the air. I am someone who likes to make things happen. If I want it well then I better get the F*CK up and go get it. That is my attitude. Now that I am not working and in a position in my life that I never thought I would be in I am having a hard time coming to terms that everything I have hustled for has gone to SH*T.

I am trying to not think about it, and learning to Let Go and Let God.

Or let the universe - whatever you believe in. I am trying to stay positive, put that energy out in hopes to attract good opportunities.

in the kitchen

The Blog, Social Media, Instagram

Late last month I got accepted into Like to Know it.

Here is my blog post on ->what Like to Know it is and how to use it. Basically, you can shop all my favorite outfits , fashion, home decor, beauty etc...

Here is my Like to Know it -> ShyyShianne Make sure to follow me :)

I really enjoy sharing all my looks, items I love on the app but it is so hard to build a following on Like to Know it.

here are some of my favorite from fashion, beauty and home for the month of May :

Lola and New Glasses

She is having such a hard time during self-isolation. We are all home now so if one of us leaves even to go to the car she freaks out and gets anxious. Her routine has been thrown off. She does not get to see her friends that often. I can tell she is missing being pet by random people on our walks. She is now parking at people in hopes that they will give her pets and attention.

As for her allergies, she is starting to itch more. This is because it is spring the weather is changing and she has environmental allergies. I am still using CBD to help with this. My blog post CBD benifits for you and CBD benifits for your dog helps to explain how and why I give her CBD dog treats. I also have a promo code for you guys to use Shyy10 for 10% off.

I have also been giving her turmeric about 1/4 tsp once a day. It helps with inflammation.

Also, I have left the house to order a new pair of glasses. Someone (Lola) thought it would be a good idea to bi*ch slap me causing my glasses to go flying, hit the floor and for the crack in my lenses to get worse. The crack in my lenses starting this way, by her whacking them off my face.

I was so paranoid leaving my house to order a new pair. I am lucky that where I go to get my glasses he keeps everything so clean and disinfecting everything. I am so weird I tried to get the exact same pair of glasses. They discontinued them but I found another pair identical to the frames I have now.

That is it. Hopefully next month things turn back to normal... I do not think it will, it will take more time. However, I want things to get back to normal.


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Mrs and Mr Mongoose
Mrs and Mr Mongoose
03 giu 2020

Oh I should really try to wake up before 8 to have more times in the morning but lately I was really tired.

Oh I hope the allergies of Lola will get better. She is so cute !



Mi piace

Nancy Ugo
Nancy Ugo
02 giu 2020

Omg, Lola is adorable! I would like to transition for waking up at 6am but I'm having a hard time not touching that snooze button, lol.

Mi piace
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