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the social cupcake shop

They are Port Credit's premier peanut and tree nut free & Keto Bakeshop located in Port Credit , Mississauga . -The Social Cupcake Shop.

When you walk into the cute shop you can see the girls baking in the bake and decorating freshly made cupcakes. I know as a baker myself it is important to me that bakers are not using cake mixes and do not use any stabilizers or preservatives. This shop does not use any of that! All of their products and fillings, icing are made from scratch daily. So you know you are getting real food and not just eating chemicals. 

Every day they feature 8 cupcake varieties-regular sized and mini,  as well as mini bundt cakes, loaves, cake donuts, brownies, old-fashioned squares, cakepops and nut-free French macarons. The mini cupcakes are the best for trying each flavor and are so adorable. I got the mini raspberry chocolate flavor, usually I go for red velvet but I am glad I switched it up and got the raspberry flavor because it was so goooood. It was light and fluffy with raspberry filling (the perfect amount), chocolate chips and frosting. The frosting  was the perfect amount of sweetness, I have tried some frosting were the amount of sugar used in it is overpowering and that was not the case - it was a perfectly balanced cupcake! My only regret was not getting the regular size. 

I took my sister with me and she got her favorite- the Oreo regular sized cupcake. She made the smart choice in getting the regular sized cupcake lol

She also enjoyed her cupcake just as much as I did .We took our cupcakes to the water front to sit, watch the water and enjoy our cupcake. But you know me I could not wait so I ate it as I walked. Then when we got to the waterfront I jealously watched her sitting there eating her cupcake lol. 

But you know me I have to talk about the decor in the shop, I can not leave that out of this post. I love and live for a cute store front. They had all their cute desserts displayed perfectly throughout the storefront, with an antique dresser to display more cakes, cake pops, macaron tower etc...  Above the antique dresser is a flower wall, which I though was a great attraction to get costumer to engage in taking pictures with their desserts -like I did. 

 The Social Cupcake Shop- the name is also very suiting for the shop because there were  people coming and going, creating conversation with one another. 

All in all, it was a great experience going in to The Social Cupcake Shop! 

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