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August Recap

Anyone else still a little butt hurt about no being able to travel or having their travel plans cancelled due to covid-19? I am!! haha..

white blouse blue jeans is what a woman is wearing with statement blue earrings

woman with hair in bun wearing white blouse outside of a pink home

Exact top-> Blush Mark -white blouse bell sleeves

Get My Look->

My favorite off the shoulder tops/ bell sleeve tops for summer and fall fashion:

Seriously though I am still annoyed but I understand why I can not get on a plane and travel. End of July I was supposed to be in England. I had a family wedding to attend. I planned months in advance, bought outfits, shoes, accessories. For the first time in a while I was excited about a wedding. I am not someone who cares for wedding...says the event planner haha..

Seems like that is the theme of this year. The expectations at the start of the year were high, people were planning and preparing for travel, to complete their goals, to make a career change etc...

It all came to a harsh stop. The world stopped. All our plans, dreams, goals all had to be on hold.

A lot of people faced ups and downs. Some thrived one day and the next questioned where they were going in life, if they should go back to school, if they were really living life etc...

I get it. It has been a lot for people mentally especially. I think now that the restrictions have been lifted a little people are finally started to get a little bit of normality back!

woman by beach in bikini. black bikini

How I have been dealing with COVID-19 and Social Distancing

I was still staying home even though restrictions have been lifted. I was still paranoid, correct I am still paranoid of covid. However, I have gone out!

I went out for coffee at Starbucks of course ! I also went out to eat at Scaddabush. I can not lie I was so nervous walking in. However at both the cafe and the restaurant the safe educated you on the practicals, they were so friendly and the only difference was the stickers on the floor telling you where to stand and the glass dividers. I thought it would all be noticeable differences but it was not. When I sat down, I felt normal, like covid was not a thing... probably helped that I had great company too :)

woman walking by water in shorts and tshirt with handbag

There was a person at each establishment: Starbucks and Scaddabush that came in with no face mask. Which I do not understand. Just wear a mask instead of giving the servers the excuse :ohh I forgot it or ohh I did not know we had to wear a mask. It is a by-law that you have to wear a face covering. I am confused ... does no one watch the news or go on Instagram everyone and even some pets are wearing face masks.

Writing this blog I just remembered I have to buy more haha...

Anyways here are some of the face masks I have been wearing:

I wear the black one from Amazon all the time. I hand wash it with soap and water, let it soak for a while then leave it to dry. I just think the reusable ones are better for the environment.

They are all lines on the inside with cotton which helps to prevent acne ! AND MASKNE

Speaking of Maskne

UGHHH... This has driven me crazy. I feel like I am in middle school again going through puberty, having crazy breakouts, acne everywhere and it is just not cute.

There are a few things that have helped my skin to prevent acne and maskne:

- Wear cotton masks. The masks I have shared above are lined with cotton. This wont make your skin react too much to the fabric.

-Let your skin breath. Go outside when you can, if you are at work give your skin a break. The constant heat generated by you breathing is opening your pores and things happen and acne happens ... haha I explained that so well. Maskne drives me nuts. Even typing about it at the moment I am not a happy camper!

- Do not wear makeup.Like I said above, you breathing in the mask opens the pores and if you have makeup on all that gets clogged in your pores.

-Moisturize 20 minutes before you put your face mask on. I heard this helps, it is a tip from Sash Exeter. I have been doing it and I find it to be working okay.

I think you also need to know your skin! I have been playing around with what works for me and will keep you updated. I find the best thing is to keep your face cleaned and keep washing your face mask at least every two days!

These are the products that have been helping me the most with my skin during the maskne situation :

The Ordinary's retinol serum has been amazing for my skin. I apply it at night. Does not leave my skin feeling oily or like I have a layer of serum on my face. It has been helping to maintain my skin.

I wrote a blog post on The Ordinary - all the products I use, my favorite product from them to get rid of dark circles! -> The Ordinary Best Beauty Products

Also, Aveeno's sunscreen - I have been using this brand for years. Their sunscreen is the only sunscreen I will use on my face! It is great for you if you have oily acne prone skin.

That tool that you see to the right side above. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER- FOR BLACKHEADS AND WHITEHEADS ! My friend recommended this. It basically sucks out your blackheads and whiteheads. My skin is so stubborn when it comes to this! I have never been able to get rid of my blackheads and whiteheads. This is the only thing that has been able to clear up my skin. I know tools like this some people do not want to use, but I am living, loving this ! It is only $30.

woman leaving her home in dress that is grey and tight

My black heel and kate spade crossbody bag linked, but I could not find the exact bodycon dress

:( but I linked similar

Getting Stabbed By a Metal Blade

This was a shit show ....

I went to get my runners to walk Lola and I felt this jab in my foot. It was actually painful, it started to bleed. Then I saw that I brushed my foot against my brothers shoe.

I checked his shoe. I do not know how this blade was coming through from one side of his shoe up through the front. At first I thought it was part of his shoe. Then I looked closely and it looked like something he must of stepped on. I do no know how he did not feel it.

I put alcohol on it and polysporin on it. I only have polysporin because I keep it in Lola's medical kit haha.. I am such a dog mom. Anyways, I was pretty calm until I told my mom. She reminded me about my tetanus shot.

I had to reschedule all my appointments so I could run and when I say RUN I MEAN RUN to this appointment. I got lucky they had one, the next one would of been two weeks from now.

I got to the doctors and I have never seen it more empty. I got my shot, she said I would be okay even though I should of gotten my tetanus shot a whillee ago.

I was so pissed at my brother though. He got it out of his shoe and it was a 3 inch piece of metal with a sharp point ( the point that stabbed me) at the end. It was so odd.

My arm was still sore the second day after the shot. 2020 HAS ME REAL PARANOID. Even the slightest cut now I think of the worst case scenario. It just has not been my year haha

Here are some of my most eventful (dramatic) monthly recaps ->

Just for my new visitors, so you can get a good laugh, or you can just say to your self well thank god my life is not that much of a shiz show!

woman standing in front of water and her silhouette

shop my like to know it

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Liz Breygel
Liz Breygel
Sep 15, 2020

2020 is definitely one of the worst years for me, but I still have hope it will get better towards the end. Love your summer style!

Lots of love ♥ <a href="">January Girl</a>

Sep 13, 2020

Great tips on preventing maskne! I've been getting such bad breakouts from wearing masks lately. Good tip on moisturizing 20 minutes before too. Nothing is worse that putting your mask on a sticky face!

Eileen |


Make Life Marvelous
Make Life Marvelous
Sep 12, 2020

These are beautiful looks, friend! I'm so sorry about your scare with the blade, I can't even imagine that. It's so strange that it could get caught in that shoe. So thankful you're okay though and hope your September goes so much better!

<a href="" rel="nofollow ugc">Make Life Marvelous</a>


Laura Bambrick
Laura Bambrick
Sep 08, 2020

I'm so ready to travel again! I miss it so much! This is the first year in over 15 years we haven't taken a vacation. Hopefully people will just start wearing masks and we can be over with it all soon! What a month for you with getting a tetanus shot again too! Yikes!


Sep 07, 2020

Love the top from the first picture, it looks great on you! Yes, these months have been really crazy but hopefully we are going back to normal :)

Have a nice week ahead!


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