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my 2019 recap

Happy New Years! 

2019 was a year to remember, I am sure for everyone! A lot has happened in the span of a year, which I can not believe especially since it flew by! I swear I still remember New Years Eve 2019. It feels like I blinked and now it is 2020! 

Personal Life and Dating 

I have no personal life... I took 2019 off from having a personal life. I made sure at the start of the year I did not date. I wanted this to be the year were I could finally focus on me. The last 3 years of my life were so hectic with Lola's health, school, work and the drama of a previous boyfriend. I wanted to live life for me this year, explore more of the places around me and have a clear head into what I wanted. What I wanted in terms of everything! -from work growth , personal growth and qualities I want in a partner. 

I can not lie late November I dipped my toe back into dating... I felt as if I was ready for that. However, I was still not good at setting boundaries and communicating what I truly wanted out of the relationship.. I need to stop going with the flow all the time especially if someone wants to flow in a totally different direction than me hahah... 

I think everyone just wants to be treated with respect and for someone to match the efforts they put into the relationship! A relationship should not be one person bending backwards all the time for the other person.  I also do not want to be your mother and have to tell you how to treat me and what it takes to keep a relationship. So that being said my relationship situation is focusing on me, doing what I love and not putting pressure on myself to be with someone.


Work has its moments of stress in all aspects. Stress of other co-workers self made drama, promotions, events etc... But I try to make the best of it.Trust me though there have been multiple time were I have called my mum freaking out that I am done, I will quit! At the end of the day this job has more pros than cons. I have a job in both my fields! Who can say that? I have a job that allows me to event plan and interior decorate. 


My baby!!! She has her ongoing health issues. She is allergic to a lot of foods and environmental aspects. It is become just trying to manage that, along with her anxiety. I have found that when she goes to doggy daycare it helps to take her anxiety away. She is a hyper dog and walks do not cut it so I take her to doggy daycare and she seems to burn some of that energy off! Lola also go into a lot of trouble this year: from getting sprayed by a skunk, getting attacked by a dog to stealing food of the counter... She keeps me on my toes!  

She is my baby and the best part of my life. She has helped me get through so much in life with her unconditional love! 

Blogging and Instagram 

I started to get serious about this late June I believe. By that time I had 3,000 followers - which I do not know I even had that many at that point! My content was not great. I was not posting at all. However, I was interacting a lot with other accounts so that helped me to gain more followers! At the moment I have about 6,000. I love blogging and Instagram. It is another way for me to explore my creativity, get in touch with some amazing like minded people and share what I love. To me it combines all my passions and trust me I have a lot of passions from : my dog, event planning , home decor, fashion, styling, cooking , baking etc... It is a great way to explore all of that and to document it! I have always considered my blog and Instagram to be a scrapbook of my life! I used to scrapbook when I was younger and now I just do not have the time so I use social media for that!  

Click for my first blog post! : Pajamas all Day Everyday


For the longest time I have not traveled. This year I mainly explored places near me; cute shops in Toronto, restaurants, parks etc... The only major(ish) trip I went on was to Montreal. Can you believe I consider that to be a Major Trip hahah... But I used it as a trial run it is the first trip I have ever planned and I wanted to start small. I have never been to Montreal so it was the perfect place to visit! I loved every minute of it. To me planning the trip and going made me realize I am capable of planning more trip. It is great to see how other people live, what they eat, the architecture and just to get lost in a new place.

My 2020 Expectations 

To kill it at everything! *mic drop* 


But seriously I love to set goals and sometimes we waver away from them( like my dating goals in not putting up with certain things) BUT life is weird it throws you the thing sometimes you do not want, you do not have to accept that! Even if you get off track from your goals you can always get back on track. 

I want to become more successful in my personal life - have strong, respectful and motivated people around me in terms of not only dating but friendships and family. 

As for blogging and Instagram I want to up my game! Get out there more, do collaborations, meet new people and hopefully work with some of my favorite companies. I hope to stay consistent in my content and posting. 

I am truly grateful for this past year and I hope in 2020 I can reach all my goals! 

What do you guys hope to accomplish in 2020 let me know in the comments below!  

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