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how to get rid of the skunk smell

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

It is never a dull moment with Lola, NEVER!! 

It was 10p.m she was going to do her last pee of the night, I had her on a leash because it was dark and we have coyotes in our area too. I go down the porch with her see that she is about to take off- like she is about to chase something. I quickly pull her back to me but it was not fast enough. It was dark so I did not see that she go sprayed. I took her inside then saw all the yellow stuff on her and that smell OMG. You think the smell after someone has run over a skunk is bad that is NOTHING !  I spent the night holding back vomiting . 

Anyways, I at the time did not know it was a skunk because I assumed the colour of a skunk spray would not be this bright yellow and slimy, but after calling my vet to verify they confirmed it was a skunk. 

Even before I called the vet I washed Lola's mouth out with water - encase any got in her mouth. The vet said to wash her eyes out and mouth . If the spray gets in the eyes they will get red and if the spray gets in the mouth and digested she will foam at the mouth, but that is nothing to worry about according to the vet, however I was WORRIED! 

I read up on it and this is the best formula to get the smell off:

Tomato sauce  is NOT as effective and can stain your dogs hair!

I bathed her in the mixture. Let her sit in it for 15 minutes washed it off and she smelled fine. ME HOWEVER- My hands smell because I did not ware gloves and a day later I smell. The smell does linger into my car. SO i drove around in the cold with all my windows open. I have to now pay to get the filter changed to get rid of the smell...

My home however, smells sooo bad I read that boiling vinegar will help to get rid of the smell and helping it from en-beding into the furniture. However my mum did not want to do that because she said it smells worse, but now it smells even worse today because she left it and did not want to open windows ... I TOLD HER SHE DOES NOT LISTEN. 

I came home from work and we found what works for your home is to put bowls of baking soda, separate bowls of vinegar all around the home.and we boiled some cinnamon and water after opening all the windows.

My clothes I need to get dry cleaned... and air it out and spray some holly water on it and do a prayer

For myself although I did not get sprayed that smell attaches to everything . I washed my body in the same solution as above then soaped my body. For my hair I mixed my shampoo with baking soda and vanilla extract. I left that in my hair for 15 minutes. I learned that hydrogen peroxide is a bleach so don't put that in your hair...

Any who... I still smell, the house smells not as bad, Lola smells fine.... it takes skunk smell 14-24 days to fully leave your home. 4 days later this smell is still alive and wont die.... Fun fun FML.

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