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career moves-when to stay,when to go

I often find myself staying at a company for a year and then switching my job. I did this more so when I worked retail. It was never the job its self that made me want to quit but usually management.  Management treating others unfairly resulting in a bad work atmosphere. Then there was also the two-faced people, which coincided  with the drama.  - These are things I have never been a fan of. However, you face it at every company you work at, believe me it is everywhere. 

Once I got a job in my field it was hard when this started to take place, not getting up and leaving. However, when you have a career you have to make more logical moves, not just based on theses issues I was facing. It is  about weighing the pros and cons. 

I love my job. It combines my two field, it is close to home, the hours are great etc.. But the drama does get to you. If you are ready to make an advancement that benefits you then go for it! I do recommend putting your emotions to the side and thinking logically before doing so. Write that Pros and Cons List! 

I also suggest:

Asking yourself "What is my pattern, why do I always move from job to job" - this will help you to put your needs in perspective. It also will help you to find your pattern and establish if this pattern is even a valid reason that you keep switching jobs. Also, you may realize for instance in my case I do not like drama but that is something you can not run from , every company has it. It that really a good enough reason to throw all the Pros out the window and start over. Unless it is in fact for career advancement. 

Talk to people in your future position - the position you want to apply for. Find someone in that role and ask them questions find out everything. A job description will only tell you so much. Ask do you work over time? do you get benefits? how is the moral etc... 

Volunteer - if it something available in your field try it out. You are not committed to it and it gives you a better sense of what your getting into if you make that career move. 

Lastly - picture your self in that future job. Picture all the late nights, overtime and drama you may encounter. Is it worth it or is it more beneficial to stay where you are and deal with the devils you know. - not saying I work with devils, its just a phrase, figure of speech! 

Career Moves are always the hardest decisions. There is a lot of factors going into it not only how will this help me in the future BUT is this WHAT I WANT, will I be happy. I also look at how my work life, personal life balance will be, the commute, will I still be able to spend time with Lola, go to the gym - these factors may not matter to others BUT they do to me. These factors are important to me, my mental health and keeps me more happy then if I had a job that may pay more but would not allow me time to do all these things. 

At the end of the day if you move from one job to another there is no mistake in that even if you do not like it in the end at least you know and now have the experience under your belt. 

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