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how to shop winners and marshalls

I like to pride my self on being a deal finder.  I get really happy finding a clothing item or accessory I love, but it makes me even more happier when I know I am getting a great deal. 

Winners and Marshalls are known for there amazing, unique brands at an affordable prices. Every time I walk into to Winners and Marshals I always leave with something. Then obviously my outfit the next day is whatever I bought because I get too excited and need to wear all the cute stuff I bought asap. I always seem to get complements and questions about my outfits and when I tell people where and for how much I bought something for they find it unbelievable that I paid that much for such good quality and a name brand! People tend to say I never find deals that good when I go shopping. That is because some people do not know how to shop!

Firstly, just by walking through the doors of Winners and Marshalls you will already be saving on your purchases. However you could be saving even more! 

Secondly, do not walk the middle aisle first. Walk the outside aisle first.That is where all the clearance stuff is : towards the end of the aisles facing the surrounding walls of the store. What ever you see that catches your attention put it in your cart! -that is  right everything that calls to you put it in your cart - I will tell you why later .

Thirdly hit up the clearance aisles in the middle of the store. Follow the red signs!

Fourthly, walk the none clearance aisles - sometimes you do get a better deal on none clearance things.

Once you have finished now you can look at your cart and decide what is really the best deal. Start by looking at each item and the price tag, take note of  if you picked up similar items and start putting back some stuff. I feel like a lot of people do not do this, but it helps you to compare prices of similar items you like. 

I always say go to the clearance sections first because you do not want someone else to snatch something up before you, you do not want to miss out on that deal! 

I shop like this not only with clothes and accessories but also home decor, baking etc... 

Winners and Marshalls always has great deals on everything and they have the best price for real vanilla extract and himalayan pink salt. You can really find unique pieces in terms of clothing and house hold items and decor.

Bellow is an out fit I bought from head- to -toe from Winners and Marshalls 

Dress-           $19.99

Purse -          $39.99

Shoes -         $29.99

Necklace-      $10.00

Total : $99.97

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